Module Type

1~750W single and dual output module type DC to DC converter. SIP、DIP and SMD package are available.

Picture Model No. Wattage
D03 3W
DP01 1W
DP02 1W
DP03 1W
DP05 1W
DP09 1W
DR01-N 1W
DU02-E 1W
DB15 1W
DA06 1W
DA20 1W
DA30 1W
DA80 1W
D01-N 1W
D02 2W
DW03 3W
DWI03 3W
DW06 6W
D05 5W
DW05 5W
DW12 12W
D10 10W
D(A)15 15W
D30 30W
D40 40W
DA60 60W
E03 3W
E05 5W
EA7.5 7.5W
E25_30 25~30W
EU10 10W
EU20 20W
CHB50 50W
CHB75 75W
CHB100 100W
CHB150 150W
DFB400 400W
DFB600 600W
DFB800 800W
DHQB075 75W
DHQB150 150W
DHHB300 300W
DHFB600 600W
DHFB750 750W
DUQB050 50W
DUQB075 75W
DUQB100 100W
DUHB150 150W
DUHB200 150W
DWQB050 150W
DWQB075 75W
DWHB150 150W
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