AC DC Enclosed Power

Best Cost Performance

75W~3000W AC DC enclosed power supply. This series is cost optimised power supplies without compromising qualtiy and performance.

Picture Model No. Wattage
RSP-75 75W
RSP-100 100W
RSP-150 150W
RSP-200 200W
SE-450 450W
SE-600 600W
SE-1000 1000W
SE-1500 1500W

Low Profile

35W~350W low profile size (30mm) enclosed power supply. The most important features are high efficiency、wide range temperature range and compliance to IEC/EN60335-1 and 61558-1.

Picture Model No. Wattage
LRS-35 35W
LRS-50 50W
LRS-75 75W
LRS-100 100W
LRS-150F 150W
LRS-150 150W
LRS-200 200W
LRS-350 350W
UHP-200 200W
UHP-350 350W
UHP-500 500W
UHP-750 750W
UHP-1000 1000W
UHP-1500 1500W
UHP-2500 2500W

High Reliability

50W~600W AC to DC high reliability power supply which has can support withstand 300VAC surge input for 5 seconds. This series also have built-in constant current limiting circuit and remote sense function.

Picture Model No. Wattage
HRP-75 75W
HRP-100 100W
HRP-150 150W
HRP-200 200W
HRP-300 300W
HRP-450 450W
HRP-600 600W


150W~3000W output voltage programmable AC power supply. This series have outstanding features which includes built-in current sharing function (up to 3~6 units)、remote sense on/off control and auxiliary power, DC OK singal.

Picture Model No. Wattage
RSP-320 320W
RSP-500 500W
RSP-750 750W
RSP-1000 1000W
RSP-1500 1500W
RSP-2400 2400W
RSP-3000 3000W

Miniature Size

15W~125W miniature size AC enclosed power with 105°C long life electrolytic capacitor.

Picture Model No. Wattage
RS-15 15W
RS-25 25W
RS-35 35W
RS-50 50W
RS-75 75W
RS-100 100W
RS-150 150W
RD-35 35W
RD-50 50W
RD-65 65W
RD-85 85W
RD-125 125W
RQ-50 50W
RQ-65 65W
RQ-85 85W
RQ-125 125W

Quad Output

150W~320W quad output AC to DC enclosed power supply.

Picture Model No. Wattage
QP-150 150W
QP-200 200W
QP-320 320W

Din Rail

10W~960W slim、step shape、wide input and high input Din Rail power supply.

Picture Model No. Wattage
MDR-10 10W
MDR-20 20W
MDR-40 40W
MDR-60 60W
MDR-100 100W
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