Desktop Adapter

12W~200W AC DC laptop adaptor. IEC C14, C6 and C8 AC inlet are available for variefy demands and countries.

Picture Model No. Wattage
FRA018 11~18W
FRA024 12~24W
FRA030E 30W
FRA032 25~32W
FRA036 36W
FRA042 42W
FRA045E 45~48W
FRA030 30W
FRA045 45W
FRA050 50W
FRA060 60W
FRA065 65W
FRA072 72W
FRA090 80~91.2W
FHA130 130W
FHA140 140W
FHA150 150W
FRA150 120~150W
FHA160 160W
FHA170 170W
FHA180 180W
FRA180 150~180W
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