The same switching power supply may have different outcomes in different applications. FranMar cannot guarantee that the final system can 100% meet the EMC requirements because there are other factors may influence its EMC such as wiring, location and grounding of the switching power supply in the system.
Class II power requires in two levels of insulation (either double or reinforced) between the input and the output to protect user from electric shock. Class II power supplies can be identified on the label by a symbol of a large square with a smaller square inside of it. The most common mobile phone charger and laptop power supply belong to class II power.
Class 2 power supplies must be constructed with In-Wall wiring for permanent installation, where they may be surrounded by insulation. The wiring requirements and power limitations of the power supply in order to reduce the risk of shock or fire. Class 2 power supply is popular in the lighting, control and automation industry because requires lower safety protection requirements.
Multiple Listing is the procedure to use the UL Mark on identical UL Certified products under different brand names.
The benefits include:

(1) the right to include your company’s name in UL’s directory.

(2) superior marketability to retailers and others in your supply chain

(3) recognition by consumers that the product has met applicable safety requirements.
The effective date is January 6, 2023