The same switching power supply may have different outcomes in different applications. FranMar cannot guarantee that the final system can 100% meet the EMC requirements because there are other factors may influence its EMC such as wiring, location and grounding of the switching power supply in the system.

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Class II power requires in two levels of insulation (either double or reinforced) between the input and the output to protect user from electric shock. Class II power supplies can be identified on the label by a symbol of a large square with a smaller square inside of it. The most common mobile phone charger and laptop power supply belong to class II power.
Class 2 power supplies must be constructed with In-Wall wiring for permanent installation, where they may be surrounded by insulation. The wiring requirements and power limitations of the power supply in order to reduce the risk of shock or fire. Class 2 power supply is popular in the lighting, control and automation industry because requires lower safety protection requirements.
LPS power supply is designed for safety reasons to conform to a maximum permitted output voltage, it does not allow the apparent power to exceed 100VA if the power factor is less than 0.9 or 100W if the power factor is above 0.9 to mitigate the risk of hazardous conditions.
An advantage of LPS products is that there are less restrictions due to the lowered risk of fire or electrocution during operation. The materials used in LPS power supplies do not need to meet the same as some other power supplies, the safety distances and flammability rating of components can be much lower. Therefore, the plastic enclosure of these power supplies could use HB flammability rating. So the cost of production is less.
Medical adapters do not limit the length of DC cable, only I.T.E adapters are limited to 3.05 meters.
MOOP (Mean Of Operator Protection) : provide protection to the operator
MOPP (Mean Of Patient Protection) : provide protection to the patient
When products declare 2xMOPP means that product can provide two protections to the patient.
Our power supplies are UL, FCC, cUL, TUV-GS, CE, CB, CCC, SAA, RCM and PSE certified.
Our power supplies do not have BIS certification, however, we can apply for it under customer's request.
FranMar can assist customers to apply for certifications or provide CB related documents to customers to apply by themselves.
Multiple Listing is the procedure to use the UL Mark on identical UL Certified products under different brand names.
The benefits include:

(1) the right to include your company’s name in UL’s directory.

(2) superior marketability to retailers and others in your supply chain

(3) recognition by consumers that the product has met applicable safety requirements.
The official Kats of South Korea issued announcement No. 2021-083 on August 27, 2021 and announced the implementation of KC62668-1. IEC 62368-1 3rd Edition (IEC 62368-1:2018) as the standard KC 62368-1 formulated by Korean safety regulations. The existing safety standards KC60065, K60950-1 and K60950-22 will be implemented and abolished by December 31, 2022.
When the power supply or battery charger provided with specific electronic (ITE, audio, video) equipment belongs to consumables, the terminal product manufacturer and product category need to be listed on the RCM certificate.
The main demand is to echo the EU's requirements for traceability and accountability of imported products. The GS mark certification certificate issued under the ProdGS specification of the product safety law updates the application requirements. GS requires EU registered address or representative. If the manufacturer of GS application case is located outside the EU or cannot provide an address legally registered in the EU for service of summons, the legal representative shall submit the application on behalf of the manufacturer. The legal representative must be located in the EU or have a legal registered address in the EU to provide service of summons.
According to the requirements of low voltage directive 2014 / 35 / EU, the name, trademark and address information of the importer and manufacturer shall be marked on the product. If it cannot be marked on the product, it shall be marked on the package or the accompanying instruction document. Ensure that after the product enters the European market, the product can find the corresponding manufacturer and take the responsibility of product safety.
Due to the loose requirements of the previous MDD, manufacturers of Panel PC or medical power adapter used to declare compliance with MDD by IEC60601-1 test report.