1W DC/DC Converter : DY01

DY01 - 1 Watt SIP-7 Type DC-DC Converter with Isolation


DC-DC Converter- Isolation - Module

1W unregulated DC-DC converter in standard SIP-7 plastic package. It features isolated ovltage of 1.5KVDC, extremely low no load current, wide working temperature range and suits various systems, e.g. automation equipments, industrial equipments, data communications, industrial PC, distributed power system.
  • 1W Unregulated Output Power
  • No Load Input Current as Low as 5mA
  • Continuous Short Circuit Protection
  • Operating Temperature range -40 ℃ To +105 ℃
  • 1500VDC I/O Isolation
Input Voltage Range ± 10% max.
Voltage Accuracy ±5% max.
Line Regulation ± 1.2% typ.
Load Regulation ± 15% max.
Capacitive Load 2400uF max.
Ripple & Noise(20MHzBW) 75mVp-p max.
Switching Frequency 370KHz typ.
Short Circuit Protection Continuous
Isolation Voltage (I/P-O/P) 1.5KVDC
Isolation Resistance 1000M ohms/500VDC/25 ℃/70% RH
Cooling Free air convection
Operating Temperature -40 ℃ To +105 ℃
Storage Temperature -55 ℃ To +125 ℃
Humidity 95 ℃ max.
MTBF > 3500K hours
Case Material DAP
Case Size 19.5*6.0*10.0 mm
Weight 2.1g Typ.

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts (max.)
D01-00 5V 3.3V 303mA 1W
D01-01 5V 5V 200mA 1W
D01-01B 5V 9V 112mA 1W
D01-02 5V 12V 84mA 1W
D01-03 5V 15V 67mA 1W
D01-09 5V 24V 42mA 1W
D01-04H 5V ± 3.3V ± 150mA 1W
D01-04 5V ± 5V ± 100mA 1W
D01-04G 5V ± 9V ± 56mA 1W
D01-05 5V ± 12V ± 42mA 1W
D01-06 5V ± 15V ± 34mA 1W
D01-06A 5V ± 24V ± 21mA 1W
Ordering Information:
  • Efficiency and input current are measured at nominal input @ full load.
Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)


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