Desktop Adapter

FHA130,140,150 pdf
FHA160,170,180 pdf
FPA035 - 25 ~ 35W Laptop type ac dc adapter with high peak power.
FPA065 - 60 ~ 65W Laptop type ac dc adapter with high peak power
FRA018 - 11~18W AC laptop power adapter, 5~50V wide output range can be selected
FRA024 - 12~24W AC adapter with global safety certifications and also meet enery efficiency level VI
FRA030 - 30W AC adaptor with 5~7V output voltage
FRA030E - 30W Laptop AC adapter with 11~50V anywhere output voltage
FRA032 - 32W AC DC switching adapter. Single and dual output are suitable for different applications
FRA036 - 36W Laptop power charger with wide 11~48V output voltage range
FRA042 - 42W Laptop AC adapter with single and dual output voltage
FRA045 - 45W Laptop power charger with 7~24V anywhere output voltage