50~100W DIP Type DC/DC Converter : CHB100

CHB100 - 50~100 Watts DC-DC Converter with Isolation


DC-DC Converter- isolated DC DC converter - Module

50~100W Isolated Wide Input DC DC Converter Modules meets UL60950-1 and CE Mark 2004/108/EC.
  • 50-100W Isolated Output
  • Regulated Outputs
  • Efficiency to 89%
  • 2:1 Input Range
  • Half-Brick size meet Industrial Standard
  • 500KHz Switching Frequency
  • Five-Sided Metal Case
Input Voltage Range 24V Range: 18-36V
48V Range: 36-75V
Under voltage Lockout 24Vin power up ... 17V ; power down ... 16V
48Vin power up ... 34V ; power down ... 32.5V
Positive Logic Remote On/Off³⁴  
Input Filter PI Type
Voltage Accuracy ± 1% max.
Transient Response 25% step load change ...... < 500 µs
External Trim Adj. Range ± 10%
R&N (20MHz BW) 2.5V & 3.3V & 5V ...... 100 mV pk-pk max
12V & 15V ...... 150 mV pk-pk max
24V ...... 240 mV pk-pk max
Temperature Coefficient ± 0.03% / °C max
Short Circuit Protection Continuous
Line Regulation¹ ± 0.2% max
Load Regulation² ± 0.2% max
Current Limit 110% ~ 140% Nominal Output
Isolation Voltage ... Input/Output ...1500VDC min.
... Input/Case ...1500VDC min.
... Output/Case ...1500VDC min.
Isolation Resistance 10⁷Ω min
Switching Frequency 500KHz typ.
Operating Case Temperature -40°C to +100°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +105°C
Thermal Shutdown,Case Temp. 100°C Typ.
Case Material Aluminum Baseplate with plastic Case
Dimensions L2.28xW2.40xH0.50 inches (57.9x61.0x12.7mm)
Weight 95g

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts (max.)
CHB100-24S05 18-~36VDC 5.00 VDC 20.0A 100.0W
CHB100-24S12 18-~36VDC 12.0 VDC 8.30A 99.60W
CHB100-24S15 18-~36VDC 15.0 VDC 6.70A 100.5W
CHB100-24S24 18-~36VDC 24.0 VDC 4.17A 100.0W
CHB100-24S25 18-~36VDC 2.50 VDC 20.0A 50.00W
CHB100-24S33 18-~36VDC 3.30 VDC 20.0A 66.00W
CHB100-48S05 36-~75VDC 5.00 VDC 20.0A 100.0W
CHB100-48S12 36-~75VDC 12.0 VDC 8.30A 99.60W
CHB100-48S15 36-~75VDC 15.0 VDC 6.70A 100.5W
CHB100-48S24 36-~75VDC 24.0 VDC 4.17A 100.0W
CHB100-48S25 36-~75VDC 2.50 VDC 20.0A 50.00W
CHB100-48S33 36-~75VDC 3.30 VDC 20.0A 66.00W

Ordering Information:

  1. Measured from high line to low line.
  2. Measured from full load to zero load.
  3. Logic compatibility ... Open Collector ref, to - Input
    Module ON ... Open circuit
    Module OFF ... <0.8VDC
  4. Suffix"N" to the Model# with Negative Logic Remote ON/OFF
  5. Output ripple and noise measured with 10uF tantalum and 1µF Ceramic capacitor across output.
  6. Suffix"-C" to the Model no. with Clear Mounting Insert (3.2mm DIA.)
Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)


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