75W Dual Output DC DC Converter Module : CHB75-D Series
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Dual Output DC-DC Converter

75W Dual Output DC/DC Converter : CHB75-D

CHB75-D - 75 Watts Dual Output DC-DC Converter with Isolation


DC-DC Converter- isolated DC DC converter - Module

75W Isolated Dual Output Wide Input DC/DC Converter Modules meets UL60950-1 and CE Mark 2004/108/EC.
  • 75W Isolated Output
  • Regulated Outputs
  • 2:1 Input Range
  • 400KHz Switching Frequency
  • Half-Brick Size Meet Industry Standard
  • Total Power 75W With 15A Max.
Input Voltage Range See Model List
Under voltage Lockout ... 24Vin power up ... 17V ; power down ... 15.5V
... 48Vin power up ... 34V ; power down ... 32.5V
Positive Logic Remote On/Off⁴⁵  
Input Filter PI Type
Voltage Accuracy ±2% max.
Transient Response 25% step load change ... < 500 μs
External Trim Adj. Range Each Output ±5%
Ripple & Noise (20MHz BW⁶) 3.3V & 5V & 2.5V......... 40mV RMS max.
....................................... 100mV pK-pK max.
Temperature Coefficient ±0.03% / °C max.
Short Circuit Protection Continuous
Line Regulation¹ ±0.2% max.
Load Regulation² ±0.5% max.
OVP Trip Range,% Vo nom 115~140%
Current Limit³ 110%~140% Nominal Output
Isolation Voltage ... Input/Output ...1500VDC min.
... Input/Case ...1500VDC min.
... Output/Case ...1500VDC min.
Isolation Resistance 10⁷Ω min
Switching Frequency 400KHz typ.
Operating Case Temperature -40°C to +100°C
Storage Temperature Range -55°C to +105°C
Thermal Shutdown,Case Temp. 100°C Typ.
Case Material Aluminum Baseplate with plastic Case
Dimensions L2.28xW2.40xH0.52 inches (57.9x61.0x13.2mm)
Weight 108g

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts (max.)
CHB75-24D05-2V5 18-~36VDC 5 VDC / 3.3 VDC 15A / 15A 75W
CHB75-24D05-3V3 18-~36VDC 5 VDC / 2.5 VDC 15A / 15A 75W
CHB75-48D05-2V5 36-~75VDC 5 VDC / 2.5 VDC 15A / 15A 75W
CHB75-48D05-3V3 36-~75VDC 5 VDC / 3.3 VDC 15A / 15A 75W

Ordering Information:

  1. Measured from high line to low line.
  2. Measured from full load to Min. load.
  3. Measured with Output Current on Output1 (Vo1)
  4. Logic compatibility ... Open Collector ref, to - Input
    Module ON ... Open Circuit
    Module OFF ... < 0.8VDC
  5. Suffix "N" to the Model Number with Negative Logic Remote ON/OFF
  6. The output noise is measured with 10uF tantalum and 1µF Ceramic capacitor across output.
  7. Suffix"-C" to the Model no. with Clear Mounting Insert (3.2mm DIA.)
Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)