Single Output

30W~1100W single output medical grade AC DC open frame power supply with low leakage current. These series are medical safety IEC/EN60601-1 approved (2xMOPP).

Picture Model No. Wattage
RPS-30 30W
RPS-45 45W
RPS-60 60W
RPS-65 65W
RPS-75 75W
RPS-120 120W
RPS-200 200W
FPM042 48W
FPM060 64W
FPM100 100W
FPM101 100W
FPM110 110W
FPM150 150W
FPM201 200W
FPM202 200W
FPM300 300W
FPM301 300W
FPM400 400W
FPM450 450W
FPM500 500W
FPM500F 500W
FPM650 650W
FPM651 650W
FPM1100 1100W
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