50W DIP Type Wide Input DC/DC Converter : DWQB050

DWQB050 - 50 Watts Quarter Brick Type 8:1 Input Voltage Range Isolated DC - DC Converters


Regulated Output DC-DC Converter- Isolation - Module

DWQB050 is 50W DC-DC brick power supply and converter selection is offered in industry standard quarter brick sizes 2.28" x 1.45" x 0.5". It can be mounted onto a printed circuit board and feature a wide input voltage range, isolated, regulated output voltages, high efficiency, with full protection. We have high power density and the wide input range is up to 8:1 (8~75 VDC)
  • Efficiency Up to 91%
  • Fixed Switching Frequency
  • Regulated Outputs
  • Remote On/Off
  • Low No Load Power Consumption
  • Fully protected (OTP/OCP/OVP/UVLO)
  • 3000Vac I/O Isolation
  • Operating Case Temperature -40 to +105℃
  • -55℃ Operating Available
  • Quarter Brick Size 2.28" x 1.45" x 0.5" Meet Industrial Standard
  • EN50155 Compliant with External Circuits
  • Shock & Vibration EN50155 (EN61373) Compliant
  • Fire & Smoke EN45545-2 Compliant
  • 5000m Operating Altitude
Input Voltage Range 36V(Range 9-75V)
Under voltage lockout Turn-on : 8.4~9.0VDC
Turn-off : 7.6 ~ 8.2 VDC
Lockout Hysteresis: 0.8VDC
Remote On/Off Control - refer to-Vin pin
Positive logic
Logic high (Module on) : Von/off at Ion/off=0.0uA,Pin open=on : .....>4.0VDC to 75VDC
Logic Low (Module off) : Von/off at Ion/off=1.0mA : .....>0 to 1.0VDC
Negative logic
Logic high (Module off) : Von/off at Ion/off=0.0uA,Pin open=off : .....>4.0VDC to 75VDC
Logic Low (Module on) : Von/off at Ion/off=1.0mA : .....>0 to 1.0VDC
Input Filter Pi Type
Voltage Accuracy ± 1 % max
Output Voltage Trim/Remote Sense Range -20~+15%, +15%
R & N(5~20MHz BW) measured at Full load, 22uF aluminum solid capacitor and 1uF ceramic capacitors 12,15V .... 150mVpK-pK max, 80mV/RMS
24,28V .... 240mVpK-pK max, 120mV/RMS
48V ......... 480mVpK-pK max, 220mV/RMS
Temperature Coefficient ± 0.02%/ C max
Short Circuit Protection Continuous, Auto Recovery
Line Regulation (High line to Low line) ± 0.2% max
Load Regulation (Full load to No Load) ± 0.2% max
Over Voltage Protection 117~140%
OCP(Hiccup mode, Auto Recovery) 110%~210%
Isolation Voltage Input to Output ........................ 3000Vac
Input to Case(Base Plate)..........2100Vac
Output to Case(Base Plate).......1500Vac
Isolation Resistance 100M Ω min
Operating Case Temperature - 40℃ To+105℃
Storage Temperature Range - 55℃ To +125℃
Over Temperature Shutdown, Recovery 110℃ , 100℃
Case Material Aluminum Baseplate w/plastic Case

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts (max.)
DWQB050-X2xyz 9-~75VDC 12.00 VDC 4.17A 50W
DWQB050-X3xyz 9-~75VDC 15.00 VDC 3.33A 50W
DWQB050-X9xyz 9-~75VDC 24.00 VDC 2.08A 50W
DWQB050-X9Cxyz 9-~75VDC 28.00 VDC 1.79A 50W
DWQB050-X9Bxyz 9-~75VDC 48.00 VDC 1.05A 50W

Ordering Information:

  1. x = blank stands for Remote On/Off Logic Positive
    x = N stands for Remote On/Off Logic Negative
    y = blank stands for M3.5x0.5 mounting inserts
    y = C stands for Clear mounting insert (3.2mm DIA)
    z = blank stands for -40~105℃ operating temp.
    z = L stands for -55~105℃ operating temp.
  2. Nominal input voltage 36VDC.
    Measured at 48Vin.
  3. An external input capacitor 150uF for all models are recommended to reduce input ripple voltage.
  4. -55°C start-up screen per MIL-STD105E S1 Sampling Procedure for L Version.
Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)


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