150W DIP Type Wide Input DC/DC Converter : DUHB150

DUHB150 - 125~150 Watts Half Brick Type 12:1 High Input Voltage Isolated DC - DC Converters


Regulated Output DC-DC Converter- Isolation - Module

DUHB150 is 150W DC-DC brick power supply and converter selection is offered in industry standard quarter brick sizes 2.28" x 2.4" x 0.5". It can be mounted onto a printed circuit board and feature a wide input voltage range, isolated, regulated output voltages, high efficiency, with full protection. We have high power density and the widest input range is up to 12:1 (14~160 VDC)
  • 125-150W Isolated Output
  • Regulated Outputs
  • Efficiency to 91%
  • 12:1 Input Range
  • Half-Brick Size: 2.28" x 2.40" x 0.5"
  • 480KHz Switching Frequency
  • Fully protected (O.T.P/O.V.P/O.C.P/UVLO)
  • Remote On/Off
  • Operating altitude up to 5000 meters
  • EN45545-2, EN50155 Compliant
Input Voltage Range 72V Range: 14~160V (Maxinum input current:12A)
Undervoltage Lockout 72Vin power up ........13V Typ.; power down ... 11V Typ.
Input Filter Pi filter
Output Voltage Accuracy ±1% max
Output voltage Current Transien 75% to 100% of Io_max step load change di/dt=0.1A/us
Error Band ± 5% max.
Recovery time 250 µs max.
Output Trim range -20% min , +15%max.
R&N (5 to 20MHz BW) Full load,10uF tantalum and 1uF ceramic capacitors (for Vo=48V >>> Full Load 10uF aluminum and 1uF ceramic capacitors
5V..... 60mV RMS, 150mV pk-pk max.
12V.... 80mV RMS, 200mV pk-pk max.
15V.... 60mV RMS, 200mV pk-pk max.
24V... 100mV RMS, 240mV pk-pk max.
48V... 100mV RMS, 240mV pk-pk max.
Temperature Coefficient ± 0.02% / °C max.
Short Circuit Protection Continuous, Auto Recovery
Line Regulation (Full Load to No Load) ± 0.2% max
Load Regulation (High Line to Low Line, Full Load) ± 0.2% max
O.V.P. (Limited Voltage, % of Nominal Vo.) 117% ~140%,125% typ.
O.C.P(<90% Vo) 110%~140% ,125% typ.
Turn on delay and Rise Time Full load (Constant resistive load)
Turn-on Delay Time, From On/Off Control (remote on) 100ms typ.
Turn-on Delay Time, From Input (Power up) 100ms typ.

Output Voltage Rise Time
10%Vo_set to 90% Vo_set >>> 100ms typ.
Isolation Voltage(100% factory Hi-pot tested @2se.) Input/Output ... 3000VAC min.@1sec.
Input/Case ...... 3000VAC min.@1sec.
Output/Case .... 500VAC min.@1sec.
Switching Frequency 480 KHz Tpy.
Remote On/Off Control Positive logic,refer to-Vin pin
Logic high (Module on) Von/off at Ion/off=0.0uA,Pin open=on.....>3.5VDC to 160VDC
Logic Low (Module off) Von/off at Ion/off=1.0mA.....>0 to 1.2VDC
Negative logic,refer to-Vin pin 3.5
Logic high (Module off) Von/off at Ion/off=0.0uA,Pin open=off.....>3.5VDC to 160VDC
Logic Low (Module on) Von/off at Ion/off=1.0mA.....>0 to 1.2VDC
Isolation Resistance 100MΩ min
Isolation Capacitance Input to output: 500pF. typ.
Input to case (Base plate): None
output to case (Base plate): 2000pF
Operating Case Temperature -40°C to 100°C
Storage Temperature -55°C to 125°C
Over Temperature Shutdown Case Temp 105°C Typ at the center part of base plate, Non-latching
Over Temperature Recover Case Temp 95°C Typ at the center part of base plate, Non-latching
Humidity 95% RH max. Non Condensing
Operating altitude up to 5000 meters
MTBF MIL-HDBK-217F_notice 1,GB, 25°C.
5V/455Khrs typ.
12V/495Khrs typ.
15v/545Khrs typ.
24V/765Khrs typ.
48V/565Khrs typ.
Case Material Aluminum, Baseplate with Plastic ,DAP,UL94V-0
Dimensions L2.28xW2.40xH0.50 inches (57.9x61x12.7mm)
Weight 105g

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts (max.)
DUHB150-91 14~160VDC 5.00 VDC 25.00A 125W
DUHB150-92 14~160VDC 12.00 VDC 12.50A 150W
DUHB150-93 14~160VDC 15.00 VDC 10.00A 150W
DUHB150-99 14~160VDC 24.00 VDC 6.25A 150W
DUHB150-99B 14~160VDC 48.00 VDC 3.20A 153.60W
DUHB150-91N 14~160VDC 5.00 VDC 25.00A 125W
DUHB150-92N 14~160VDC 12.00 VDC 12.50A 150W
DUHB150-93N 14~160VDC 15.00 VDC 10.00A 150W
DUHB150-99N 14~160VDC 24.00 VDC 6.25A 150W
DUHB150-99BN 14~160VDC 48.00 VDC 3.20A 153.60W

Ordering Information:

  1. Nominal input voltage 72 VDC
  2. Measured at input voltage 110Vin
  3. An External Input Capacitor 100uF for alll models are recommended to reduce Input Ripple Voltage
  4. An External Electrolytic Capacitor at least 240uF connected between BUS and -Vin is necessary
Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)


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