Wall Mount-Fixed Plug

FRA012 - 10~15W AC power adapter with configuration versatility, can be used with different fixed AC plugs as needed.
FRA018 - AC DC energy-saving fixed AC pin wall mount power adapter. Different AC pin can be used in different countries.
FRA024 - 12~24W AC adapter with fixed AC plugs includes US、China、EURO and Australia.
FRA030E - 30W AC DC switching wall-mounted adapter with fixed AC pin.
SA5x-FA - 5W USA & EURO type phone charger
SA5x-FB - 5W Global USB charger
SA7D-FD - 7.5W Mobile phone charger with interchangable AC plugs and USB port
SA7x-FA - 7.5W USA & EURO type mobile charger
SA7x-FD - 7.5W Univeral mobile phone charger with USB receptacle