3W SIP Type DC/DC Converter : DP03

DP03 - 3 Watt SIP Type Regulated DC-DC Converter with Isolation. This product is very suitable for use in IoT, electronic motor, information and networking, industrial control and communications equip


DC-DC Converter- Regulated - Module

3W Isolated DC-DC Converter Modules, High Efflclency and MTBF > 400,000 Houts.
  • 3W Regulated Output Power
  • High Efflclency
  • MTBF > 400,000 Houts
  • SIP8 Package
  • 100% Burn In
  • 3 Years Warranty
Input Voltage Range 2:1 or 4:1
Input Filter Capacitor Type
Ripple & Noise (20MHz BW) 100mVp-p max.
Voltage Set-point Accuracy ± 2% max.
Temperature Coefficient ± 0.05%/°C
Line Regulation1 ±0.5% max.
Load Regulation2 ±0.5% max.
Short Circuit Protection Continuous
Efficiency 75% min.
Minimum Load 20% of Full Load
Isolation Voltage3 1500 or 3000VDC
Isolation Resistance 109Ω min.
Switching Frequency 100KHz min.
Isolation Capacitance 80pF max.
Operating Temperature -40 °C To +71 °C
Storage Temperature -55 °C To +105 °C
Cooling Free-Air Convection
Case Material Non-Conductive Plastic
Case Size 21.8*9.20*11.1 mm
Weigh 4.8g
Packing 23 pcs / tube ; 2300 pcs per carton

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts (max.)
DP03-01(A3) 4.5-9VDC 5VDC 600mA 3W
DP03-02(A3) 4.5-9VDC 12VDC 250mA 3W
DP03-03(A3) 4.5-9VDC 15VDC 200mA 3W
DP03-04 4.5-9VDC ±5VDC ±300mA 3W
DP03-05 4.5-9VDC ±12VDC ±125mA 3W
DP03-06 4.5-9VDC ±15VDC ±100mA 3W
DP03-11(A3) 9-18VDC 5VDC 600mA 3W
DP03-12(A3) 9-18VDC 12VDC 250mA 3W
DP03-13(A3) 9-18VDC 15VDC 200mA 3W
DP03-14 9-18VDC ±5VDC ±300mA 3W
DP03-15 9-18VDC ±12VDC ±125mA 3W
DP03-16 9-18VDC ±15VDC ±100mA 3W
DP03-21(A3) 18-36VDC 5VDC 600mA 3W
DP03-22(A3) 18-36VDC 12VDC 250mA 3W
DP03-23(A3) 18-36VDC 15VDC 200mA 3W
DP03-24 18-36VDC ±5VDC ±300mA 3W
DP03-25 18-36VDC ±12VDC ±125mA 3W
DP03-26 18-36VDC ±15VDC ±100mA 3W
DP03-31(A3) 36-75VDC 5VDC 600mA 3W
DP03-32(A3) 36-75VDC 12VDC 250mA 3W
DP03-33(A3) 36-75VDC 15VDC 200mA 3W
DP03-34 36-75VDC ±5VDC ±300mA 3W
DP03-35 36-75VDC ±12VDC ±125mA 3W
DP03-36 36-75VDC ±15VDC ±100mA 3W
DP03-41(A3) 9-36VDC 5VDC 600mA 3W
DP03-42(A3) 9-36VDC 12VDC 250mA 3W
DP03-43(A3) 9-36VDC 15VDC 200mA 3W
DP03-44 9-36VDC ±5VDC ±300mA 3W
DP03-45 9-36VDC ±12VDC ±125mA 3W
DP03-46 9-36VDC ±15VDC ±100mA 3W
DP03-51(A3) 36-75VDC 5VDC 600mA 3W
DP03-52(A3) 36-75VDC 12VDC 250mA 3W
DP03-53(A3) 36-75VDC 15VDC 200mA 3W
DP03-54 36-75VDC ±5VDC ±300mA 3W
DP03-55 36-75VDC ±12VDC ±125mA 3W
DP03-56 36-75VDC ±15VDC ±100mA 3W


  • Line Regulation is for 1.0% change in input Voltage.
  • Load Regulation is for output Load current change from 20% to 100%.
  • 1500VDC for 10 seconds
  • 0=inputrange 4.5-9VDC (Case A )
  • x=1, inputrange 9-18VDC(Case A)
  • x=2, inputrange 18-36VDC(Case A)
  • x=3, inputrange 36-75VDC(Case A)
  • x=4, inputrange 9-36VDC (Case B)
  • x=5, inputrange 18-75VDC (Case B)

Ordering Information:

  • Suffix "A3" for 3KVDC isolation
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