120W Single Output 4"x2" Medical Open Frame : RPS-120

RPS-120 - Single output 120W AC to DC Medical Grade Open Frame


Medical Power - Open Frame

120W single output class II open frame power supply. 2 x MOPP medical safety approved. Leakage current < 130uA and no load comsumption < 0.3W.
  • 4" x 2" compact size
  • Medical safety approved (2xMOPP)
  • Suitable for BF application with appropriate system consideration
  • No load power consumption < 0.3W
  • Low leakage current < 130uA
  • High efficiency up to 91%
  • Class I or II configuration
  • 3 years warranty
Rated power 84W or 120W (10CFM)
Input Voltage 80 ~ 264VAC
DC adjustment range ± 5% rated output voltage
O.L.P. 115% ~ 150% hiccup mode, auto-recovery
O.V.P. CH1: 110% ~ 130% shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover
Leakage current Less than 130uA
Withstand voltage I/P-O/P: 4kVAC, I/P-FG: 2kVAC, O/P-FG: 1.5kVAC
Working temp. -30 °C ~ 70 °C
Safety standards ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, TUV EN60601-1 approved
EMC standard EN55011 class B, EN61000-3-2,3, EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11, EN60601-1-1-2
Connection JST B3P / B4P-VH
Dimension L101.6 x W50.8 x H29 mm
Packing 0.15 kgs; 72 pcs / 11.8 kgs

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current
RPS-120-12 80~264VAC 12 VDC 7A (Convection) / 10A (10CFM)
RPS-120-15 80~264VAC 15 VDC 5.6A (Convection) / 8A (10CFM)
RPS-120-24 80~264VAC 24 VDC 3.5A (Convection) / 5A (10CFM)
RPS-120-27 80~264VAC 27 VDC 3.15A (Convection) / 4.5A (10CFM)
RPS-120-48 80~264VAC 48 VDC 1.75A (Convection) / 2.5A (10CFM)
Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)


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