75W Single Output 5"x3" Medical Open Frame : RPS-75
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Open Frame Type Medical Power

75W Single Output 5"x3" Medical Open Frame : RPS-75

RPS-75 - 75W single output AC - DC Open Frame Type Medical Power with Universal AC input / Full range


Medical Power - Open Frame

75W Single Output Open Frame Type Medical Power with Short circuit/ Overload/ Over voltage protections.
  • Medical safety approved (2xMOPP)
  • OVP, OLP, Short circuit protection
  • No load power consumption < 0.75W (single outut models only)
  • Low leakage current < 150uA
  • Fixed switching frequency at 65kHZ
  • Free air convection for 75W and 100W with 23.5CFM forced air
  • 3 years warranty
Input Voltage 90 ~ 264VAC, 127 ~ 370VDC
Inrush Current Cold start, 25A at 115VAC, 50A at 230VAC
DC adjustment range CH1: -5% ± 10% rated output voltage (single output only)
O.L.P. 140% ~ 180% hiccup mode, auto-recovery
O.V.P. CH1: 115% ~ 135% rated output voltage
Leakage current Less than 150uA at 264VAC
Setup, rise, hold up time 500ms, 30ms, 80ms at full load and 230VAC
Withstand voltage I/P-O/P: 4kVAC, I/P-FG: 2kVAC, 1 minute
Working temp. -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ (Refer to output derating curve)
Safety standards ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1,TUV EN60601-1 approved
EMC standard EN55011 /EN55022 class B, EN61000-3-2,3, EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11, EN60601-1-2, EN61204-3 medical level
Connection 3+8P / 3.96 mm pitch, JST P/N: B3P / B8P-VH
Dimension L127 x W76.2 x H31 mm
Packing 0.26 kg; 63 pcs / 16.3 kgs / 1.35 CUFT

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts (max.)
RPS-75-3.3 90~264VAC ; 127~370VDC 3.3 VDC 20.0A 66.00W
RPS-75-5 90~264VAC ; 127~370VDC 5 VDC 18.7A 93.50W
RPS-75-12 90~264VAC ; 127~370VDC 12 VDC 8.30A 99.60W
RPS-75-15 90~264VAC ; 127~370VDC 15 VDC 6.70A 100.5W
RPS-75-24 90~264VAC ; 127~370VDC 24 VDC 4.20A 100.8W
RPS-75-36 90~264VAC ; 127~370VDC 36 VDC 2.80A 100.8W
RPS-75-48 90~264VAC ; 127~370VDC 48 VDC 2.10A 100.8W
Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)