10W DIL Type DC/DC Converter : DMW10

DMW10 - 10 Watts DIP Type Medical DC-DC Converter with Isolation


DC-DC Converter- Medical Module

10W Isolated Wide Input Medical DC/DC Converter Modules with short circuit protection and Low Leakage Current.
  • Safety Meets EN60601-1 3rd EDITION For 2 x MOPP
  • I/O Isolation 5000VAC Rated For 250VAC Working Voltage
  • Creepage Distance And Clearance > 8mm
  • 9-36V, 18-75V wide Input Range
  • Low Leakage Current
  • 3 Years Warranty
Input Voltage Range 4:1 Input Range
Input Filter Pi Network
Protection Fuse Recommended
Voltage Set-point Accuracy ± 2% max.
Temperature Coefficient ± 0.05%/°C
Ripple & Noise (20MHz BW) 150mVp-p max.
Line Regulation¹ ±0.5% max.
Load Regulation² ±0.5% max.
Minimum Load 10% of Full Load
Short Circuit Protection Continuous
Over Load Protection 150% Typ.
Efficiency 80% min.
Short Circuit Restart Automatic
Transient Response 500μS max.
Isolation Voltage³ 5000VAC Typ.
Leakage Current 5μA max.
Reinforces Insulation Creepage Distances 8mm min. Air Clearances 8mm min.
Isolation Resistance 10⁹Ω min.
Switching Frequency 400KHz Typ.
Isolation Capacitance 20pF max.
Operating Temperature -40 °C To +71 °C
Cooling Free-Air Convection
Case Material Non-Conductive Plastic
Case Temperature 105 °C max.
Case Size 31.8*20.3*12.2 mm
Weigh 17g

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts (max.)
DMW10-41(R) 9-36VDC 5VDC 2000mA 10W
DMW10-42(R) 9-36VDC 12VDC 833mA 10W
DMW10-43(R) 9-36VDC 15VDC 666mA 10W
DMW10-44(R) 9-36VDC ±5VDC ±1000mA 10W
DMW10-45(R) 9-36VDC ±12VDC ±417mA 10W
DMW10-46(R) 9-36VDC ±15VDC ±333mA 10W
DMW10-51(R) 18-75VDC 5VDC 2000mA 10W
DMW10-52(R) 18-75VDC 12VDC 833mA 10W
DMW10-53(R) 18-75VDC 15VDC 666mA 10W
DMW10-54(R) 18-75VDC ±5VDC ±1000mA 10W
DMW10-55(R) 18-75VDC ±12VDC ±417mA 10W
DMW10-56(R) 18-75VDC ±15VDC ±333mA 10W


  • High line to Low line.
  • Load Regulation is for output Load current change from 10% to 100%.
  • 6000VDC For 1 minute.

Ordering Information:

  • Optional Remote On/Off control function, please suffix R on model # when ordering.
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