200W Low Profile Open Frame : LOP-200

LOP-200 - 200W 4"x2" (25.4mm) low profile open frame power supply with global certifications in multi-fields


Open Frame

The LOP-200 is a 200W reliable, low profile open frame power supply. It offers 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V, 27V, 36V, 48V and 54V standard voltages. The main features include low standby power <0.5W, high efficiency up tp 94%, capable of providing 140W under convection air and 200W with an 10.98 CFM fan. LOP-200 also has a 150% @ 3 sec overload capacity and 62368-1/60601-1/61558-1/60335-1 global safety certifications. With multi safety approvals and excellent EMC performance, it is applicable in various applicaions, such as medical devices, home automation, Network equipment, industrial automation, mechanical and electrical equipment, telecom devices, security system.
  • 4"x2" compact size with 25.4mm low profile
  • 140W convection, 200W with 10.98CFM fan forced-cooled
  • 150% peak load @ 3s
  • 80-264VAC input with PFC
  • No load power consumption < 0.5W
  • ITE 62368-1, Medical 60601-1, Household 60335-1, Industrail 61558-1/-2-16 ceritfications
  • Sutiable for Class I or Class II installations
  • Over voltage category III
  • Wide range -40°C ~ 80°C operation temperature
  • OLP/OVP/OTP/Short circuit Protection
  • Extremely low leakage current, 2xMOPP, suitable for BF medical applications
  • Operating altitude up to 5000 meters
  • Built-in 12V/0.5A for exteral FAN
  • 3 years warranty
AC input Voltage range 80~264VAC; 113~370VDC
Frequency Range 47~63Hz
Power Factor PF>0.95/230VAC PF>0.98/115VAC at full load
AC Current (Typ.) 2.5A/115VAC 1.0A/230VAC
Inrush Current (Typ.) Cold Start 40A/115VAC 80A/230VAC
Rated Power Convection 140.4~145.8W
Rated Power by fan cooling 199.8~205.2W
Set Up, Rise Time 1000ms, 30ms/230VAC 1500ms, 30ms/115VAC at full load
Hold Up Time (Typ.) 16ms@140W load, 8ms@200W load
Line Regulation ±0.5%
Load Regulation ±1.0%
Overload protection Range:105% ~ 135% rated output power ; Type:Hiccup after 3 sec, recovers automatically (3 sec) after fault condition is removed
Over voltage protection Type:Shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover
Over temperture protection Type:Shut down o/p voltage, recovers automatically (3 sec) after temp. goes down or re-power on to recover
Working temperature -40°C ~ +80°C(refer to output derating curve)
Safety standards IEC/EN/UL62368-1, IEC/EN/BS EN60335-1, IEC/EN/BS EN61558-1, IEC/EN60601-1, CCC, RCM, EAC TPTC 004
EMC standards EN55032 class A and B, BS EN/EN55035, BS EN/EN61000-6-2, EN61000-3-2,3, EN61000-4,2,3,4,5,6,8,11
Dimension L101.6 x W50.8 x H25.4 mm
Packing 210g, 36pcs/10kg/0.95CUFT

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts (max.)
LOP-200-12 80~264VAC / 113~370VDC 12V 11.7A / 16.7A (10.98CFM) 140.4W / 200.4W
LOP-200-15 80~264VAC / 113~370VDC 15V 9.4A / 13.4A (10.98CFM) 141W / 202W
LOP-200-18 80~264VAC / 113~370VDC 18V 7.8A / 11.1A (10.98CFM) 140.4W / 199.8W
LOP-200-24 80~264VAC / 113~370VDC 24V 5.9A / 8.4A (10.98CFM) 141.6W / 201.6W
LOP-200-27 80~264VAC / 113~370VDC 27V 5.3A / 7.5A (10.98CFM) 143.1W / 202.5W
LOP-200-36 80~264VAC / 113~370VDC 36V 3.9A / 5.6A (10.98CFM) 140.4W / 201.6W
LOP-200-48 80~264VAC / 113~370VDC 48V 3.0A / 4.2A (10.98CFM) 144W / 201.6W
LOP-200-54 80~264VAC / 113~370VDC 54V 2.7A / 3.8A (10.98CFM) 145.8W / 205.2W
Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)


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