15W Medical Power Supply-Interchangeable Medical Power Adapter : FRM015
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medical adapter

15W Medical Power Supply-Interchangeable Medical Adapter : FRM015

FRM015 - 10W to 15W with 3~27V anywhere output voltage medical adapter, Interchangeable AC plug-in type.


Medical Power Adapter (Wall Mount Adapter)

FRM015 Series is a 10-15W medical interchangeable power supply (Wall mount power supply) for use in medical equipment. This series is IEC/UL/EN60601-1. The specialty of this power supply is the 2xMOPP (two means of patient protection) safety approval and the fulfillment of the latest EMC ed 4.0 for professional healthcare environments.
  • Single output 10~15W, anywhere o/p voltage 3~27 VDC
  • interchangeable type adapter available (kit sold seperately)
  • 2 years warranty
Input Voltage 90 ~ 264 VAC
Input Current (rms) 0.7A Max.
Output Voltage Anywhere output 3 ~ 27 VDC
Efficiency 70% min. at full load
Voltage Regulation ± 5% max
Leakage current max. 0.1mA
Withstand Voltage I/P - O/P : 5656 VDC
Operating Temperature -10 °C ~ +50 °C
(derated linearly from 100% load @ 40 °C to 75% load @ 50 °C)
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 85°C
Operating Humidity 20% to 90% RH
Protections OVP, OLP, Short Circuit Protection
Safety Standard UL/EN60601-1, CE, CB
EMI standard CISPR-11 / EN55011 / FCC part18 class B
Standard Output Connector DC Barrel Jack
Cable/length UL2468 / 5Ft. (Wallmount)
Interchangeable type / size L81.5 x W43 x H40.5 mm

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts (max.)
FRM015-S03-x 90~264VAC 3.0 VDC 3.33A 10W
FRM015-S03-x 3.3 VDC 3.03A
FRM015-S03-x 3.4 VDC 2.94A
FRM015-S03-x 4.2 VDC 2.38A
FRM015-S03-x 4.7 VDC 2.13A
FRM015-S05-x 90~264VAC 5.0 VDC 2.00A 10W
FRM015-S05-x 5.4 VDC 1.85A
FRM015-S07-x 90~264VAC 6.0 VDC 2.00A 12W
FRM015-S07-x 6.5 VDC 1.85A
FRM015-S07-x 7.0 VDC 1.71A
FRM015-S07-x 7.5 VDC 1.60A
FRM015-S09-x 90~264VAC 8.0 VDC 1.88A 15W
FRM015-S09-x 9.0 VDC 1.67A
FRM015-S09-x 10.0 VDC 1.50A
FRM015-S12-x 90~264VAC 12.0 VDC 1.25A 15W
FRM015-S15-x 90~264VAC 13.6 VDC 1.10A 15W
FRM015-S15-x 14.4 VDC 1.04A
FRM015-S15-x 15.0 VDC 1.00A
FRM015-S18-x 90~264VAC 16.5 VDC 0.91A 15W
FRM015-S18-x 18.0 VDC 0.83A
FRM015-S18-x 20.0 VDC 0.75A
FRM015-S24-x 90~264VAC 24.0 VDC 0.63A 15W
FRM015-S24-x 27.0 VDC 0.56A


  • FRM015-xS03-x : output voltage from 3~5VDC is available
  • FRM015-xS05-x : output voltage from 5~6VDC is available
  • FRM015-xS07-x : output voltage from 6~8VDC is available
  • FRM015-xS09-x : output voltage from 8~11VDC is available
  • FRM015-xS12-x : output voltage from 11~13VDC is available
  • FRM015-xS15-x : output voltage from 13~16VDC is available
  • FRM015-xS18-x : output voltage from 16~21VDC is available
  • FRM015-xS24-x : output voltage from 21~27VDC is available
* please specific fixed output voltage when ordering *

Ordering Information:

  • Note : Interchangeable AC plug Type,
    x=IA (Australian plug) ; x=IB (British plug) ; x=IC (China plug) ; x=IU (US plug) ; x=IE (Euro plug) ; x=II (India plug)
Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)