Power Supply with Special Modification

Power Supply with Special Modification

As the global labor production population decreases year by year, wages rise sharply, which makes manpower become in short supply. Many enterprises are facing with the difficulty of recruiting talents. Therefore, greatly increase the minimum order quantity or cancel the complicated services such as customized design and special modification. Power supply industry is also facing with same difficulties. End customers often need to entrust additional processing to modify wires and terminals or adjust special voltage, which resulting in problems such as costs rising and delivery time is difficult to control.

However, adhering to the concept of [your smart choice and reliable power partner], FranMar will continue to adjust and expand existing molds, redesign and open molds, modify the wire length or custom assemble various special joints of large international manufacturers, combined with years of accumulated experience and the refining of construction methods, so that customers' special modified power demand will not be interrupted. The experienced team will also help customers achieve seamless integration in the layout or transposition of safety regulations in the customization process, save relevant costs and obtain lower minimum orders in the industry field.

In the future, FranMar will further develop, manufacture and sell more standard power supplies that meet international safety regulations, which can be used in wide-range output voltage selection and adjustment.

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Power Supply with Special Modification
  • Wide range output voltage is available
  • Complete international safety approvals
  • Suitable for industrial and medical power supply
  • Height customized according to customer needs
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Years of international experience in integrating special connector into power supply