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FPM300 - 200-300 Watt Medical Quad Output Power Supplies


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The FPM300 series comprising single and multiple output models for 200-300 watts of continuous output power is specially designed for medical applications. They operate at 90-264 VAC input voltage without the need of a selector strap. All auxiliary outputs are with magnetic amplifier to keep regulation. The units are constructed on a printed circuit board with a U-bracket for mechanical support and heat sinking. A cover-and-fan assembly can be added during manufacturing. FPM300-zyyy-z x = S or Q to denote multiple output ; S for single output, Q for Quad output ; yyy to denote different output rating ; z = U or E to denote different casing type ; U for U-bracket, E for Enclosed.
  • EN61000-3-2 class A and D compliant
  • Power Factor 0.98 typical
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Power Fail Detect (PFD) signal
  • 100% burn-in at full rated load
  • Remote sense on output #1 and output #2
  • Remote inhibit – TTL high to disable output
  • Compliant with RoHS requirements
Input voltage 90-264 VAC
Input frequency 47-63 Hz
Input current 4.7 A (rms) for 115 VAC ; 2.3 A (rms) for 230 VAC
Earth leakage current 300 μA max. @ 264 VAC, 63 Hz
Touch current 100 μA max. @ 264 VAC, 63 Hz
Output voltage/current See rating chart.
Maximum output power See rating chart.
Ripple and noise 2% peak to peak maximum on 3.3 V & 5.1 V and 1% peak to peak maximum on other voltage outputs
Overvoltage protection Provided on output #1 only; set at 115-140% of its nominal output voltage
Overcurrent protection All outputs protected to short circuit conditions
Temperature coefficient All outputs ±0.04% /℃ maximum
Transient response Maximum excursion of 4% or better on all models, recovering to 1% of final value within 500 us after a 25% step load change
Fan power 12 V at 350 mA maximum for B version, 12 V at 100 mA maximum for C version
PFD TTL logic high for normal operation and TTL logic low upon loss of input power. This signal appears at least 1 ms prior to V1 output dropping 5% below its nominal value. This signal also provides a minimum delay of 100 ms after V1 output is within regulation.
Inhibit Requires an external TTL high level signal to inhibit outputs for standard models
Operating temperature 0℃ to +70℃
Storage temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Relative humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Derating Derate from 100% at +50℃, linearly to 50% at +70℃
Cooling 200 /250 /300 watts continuous output power at 35 CFM forced air cooling or 100 /125 /150 watts at convention cooling
Switching frequency 70 KHz ±10 KHz
Power factor 0.98 typical
Efficiency 70% minimum on all models
Hold-up time 12 ms minimum at 110 VAC
Line regulation ±0.2% maximum at full load
Inrush current 30 A @ 115 VAC or 60 A @ 230 VAC, at 25℃ cold start
Withstand voltage 5600 VDC from input to output (2 MOPP) ; 2100 VDC from input to ground (1 MOPP) ; 700 VDC from output to ground(To verify AC strength, get correct test method to avoid power supply damage.)
MTBF 300,000 hours minimum at full load at 25℃ ambient, calculated per MIL-HDBK-217F
EMC Performance (EN60601-1-2)
EN55011 Class B conducted, class B radiated
EN61000-3-2 Harmonic distortion, class A and D
EN61000-3-3 Line flicker
EN61000-4-2 ESD, ±15 KV air and ±8 KV contact
EN61000-4-3 Radiated immunity, 10 V/m
EN61000-4-4 Fast transient/burst, ±2 KV
EN61000-4-5 Surge, ±1 KV diff., ±2 KV com
EN61000-4-6 Conducted immunity, 10 Vrms
EN61000-4-8 Magnetic field immunity, 30 A/m
EN61000-4-11 Voltage dip immunity, 30% reduction for 500 ms, 100% reduction for 10 ms

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts(max.)
FPM300-S033-z 90-264VAC 3.3V 3.0A~60.0A 100W/200W
FPM300-S051-z 90-264VAC 5.1V 3.0A~60.0A 150W/300W
FPM300-S120-z 90-264VAC 12V 1.2A~25.0A 150W/300W
FPM300-S150-z 90-264VAC 15V 1.0A~20.0A 150W/300W
FPM300-S240-z 90-264VAC 24V 0.6A~12.5A 150W/300W
FPM300-S300-z 90-264VAC 30V 0.5A~10.0A 150W/300W
FPM300-S480-z 90-264VAC 48V 0.5A~6.3A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q040-3-z 90-264VAC 3.3V / 5.1V / 12V / 12V 3.0A~35.0A/2.0A~22A/0~4A/0~4A 125W/250W
FPM300-Q040-z 90-264VAC 5.1V / 12V / 12V / 5.1V 2.0A~35.0A/1.0A~10A/0~4A/0~4A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q041-z 90-264VAC 5.1V / 15V / 15V / 24V 2.0A~35.0A/0.8A~8A/0~4A/0~2.5A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q042-z 90-264VAC 5.1V / 12V / 12V / 12V 2.0A~35.0A/1.0A~10A/0~4A/0~4A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q045-z 90-264VAC 5.1V / 12V / 12V / 24V 2.0A~35.0A/1.0A~10A/0~4A/0~2.5A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q046-z 90-264VAC 5.1V / 12V / 12V / 15V 2.0A~35.0A/1.0A~10A/0~4A/0~4A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q047-z 90-264VAC 5.1V / 24V / 12V / 12V 2.0A~35.0A/0.5A~5A/0~4A/0~4A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q048-z 90-264VAC 5.1V / 24V / 5.1V / 15V 2.0A~35.0A/0.5A~5A/0~4A/0~4A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q049-z 90-264VAC 5.1V / 12V / 5.1V / 24V 2.0A~35.0A/1.0A~10A/0~4A/0~2.5A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q410-z 90-264VAC 24V / 12V / 5.1V / 12V 0.5A~6.3A/1.0A~10A/0~4A/0~4A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q411-z 90-264VAC 24V / 12V / 5.1V / 24V 0.5A~6.3A/1.0A~10A/0~4A/0~2.5A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q412-z 90-264VAC 24V / 12V / 12V / 12V 0.5A~6.3A/1.0A~10A/0~4A/0~4A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q413-z 90-264VAC 24V / 24V / 5.1V / 15V 0.5A~6.3A/0.5A~5A/0~4A/0~4A 150W/300W
FPM300-Q414-z 90-264VAC 24V / 24V / 12V / 12V 0.5A~6.3A/0.5A~5A/0~4A/0~4A 150W/300W
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