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FPM201 - 150-200 Watt Medical Triple Output Power Supplies


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The FPM201 series comprising single and multiple output models for 150 to 200 watts of continuous output power is specially designed for medical applications. They operate at 90 to 264 VAC input voltage without the need of a selector strap. All auxiliary outputs are with magnetic amplifier linear regulator to keep regulation. The units are constructed on a printed circuit board with a U-bracket for mechanical support and heat sinking. A cover and fan assembly can be added during manufacturing. FPM201-zyyy-z x = S, D, T or Q to denote multiple output ; S for single output, D for dual output, T for triple output, Q for Quad output, yyy to denote different output rating ; z = U or E to denote different casing type ; U for U-bracket, E for Enclosed .
  • Low safety ground leakage current
  • Meet EN55011, EN55022 Class B
  • Power Factor 0.98 typical
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Power Fail Detect (PFD) signal
  • 100% burn-in at full rated load
  • Optional cover and fan assembly
  • Remote inhibit - TTL high to disable output
  • Compliant with RoHS requirements
Input voltage 90-264 VAC
Input frequency 47-63 Hz
Input current 3.20 A (rms) for 115 VAC ; 1.60 A (rms) for 230 VAC
Earth leakage current 220 μA max. @ 264 VAC, 63 Hz
Touch current 100 μA max. @ 264 VAC, 63 Hz
Output voltage/current See rating chart.
Maximum output power See rating chart.
Ripple and noise 2% peak to peak maximum on 3.3 V & 5.1 V and 1% peak to peak maximum on other voltage outputs
Overvoltage protection Provided on output #1 only; set at 112-132% of its nominal output voltage
Overcurrent protection All outputs protected to short circuit conditions
Temperature coefficient All outputs ±0.04% /℃ maximum
Transient response Maximum excursion of 4% or better on all models, recovering to 1% of final value within 500 us after a 25% step load change
Fan power 12 V at 200 mA maximum, except 24 V at 200 mA maximum for FPM201-25B and FPM201-27B, and 5 V at 380 mA maximum for FPM201-40-3B
PFD TTL logic high for normal operation and TTL logic low upon loss of input power. This signal appears at least 1ms prior to V1 output dropping 5% below its nominal value. This signal also provides a minimum delay of 100 ms after V1 is within regulation.
Inhibit Requires an external TTL high level signal to inhibit outputs for standard models
Operating temperature 0℃ to +70℃
Storage temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Relative humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Derating Derate from 100% at +50℃ ; linearly to 50% at +70℃
Cooling 10.8 CFM forced air provided on “C” version; 25 CFM forced air to be provided for “B” version by user.
Switching frequency 88-112 KHz
Efficiency 70% minimum on all models
Hold-up time 20 ms minimum at 110 VAC
Line regulation ±0.5% maximum at full load
Inrush current 20 A @ 115 VAC or 40 A @ 230 VAC, at 25℃ cold start
Withstand voltage 5600 VDC from input to output (2 MOPP) ; 2100 VDC from input to ground (1 MOPP) ; 700 VDC from output to ground(To verify AC strength, get correct test method to avoid power supply damage.)
MTBF 350,000 hours at full load at 25℃ ambient, calculated per MIL-HDBK-217F
EMC Performance (EN60601-1-2)
EN55011/EN55022 Class B conducted, class B radiated
EN61000-3-2 Harmonic distortion, class A and D
EN61000-3-3 Line flicker
EN61000-4-2 ESD, ±15 KV air and ±8 KV contact
EN61000-4-3 Radiated immunity, 10 V/m
EN61000-4-4 Fast transient/burst, ±2 KV
EN61000-4-5 Surge, ±1 KV diff., ±2 KV com
EN61000-4-6 Conducted immunity, 10 Vrms
EN61000-4-8 Magnetic field immunity, 30 A/m
EN61000-4-11 Voltage dip immunity, 30% reduction for 500 ms, 100% reduction for 10 ms

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts(max.)
FPM201-S033-z 90-264VAC 3.3V 3~46.0A 75W/150W
FPM201-S051-z 90-264VAC 5.1V 3~35.0A 87.5W/175W
FPM201-S120-z 90-264VAC 12V 1.2~16.7A 100W/200W
FPM201-S150-z 90-264VAC 15V 1~13.4A 100W/200W
FPM201-S240-z 90-264VAC 24V 0.6~8.4A 100W/200W
FPM201-S300-z 90-264VAC 30V 0.5~6.7A 100W/200W
FPM201-S480-z 90-264VAC 48V 0.5~4.2A 100W/200W
FPM201-D023-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +12V 3~30.0A/0~8A 100W/200W
FPM201-D024-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +15V 3~30.0A/0~6A 100W/200W
FPM201-D025-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +24V 3~30.0A/0~4A 100W/200W
FPM201-D027-z 90-264VAC +12V / +24V 1~8.7A/0~4A 100W/200W
FPM201-T030-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +12V / -5V 3~30.0A/0~8A/0~6A 100W/200W
FPM201-T031-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +12V / -12V 3~30.0A/0~8A/0~4A 100W/200W
FPM201-T032-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +15V / -15V 3~30.0A/0~6A/0~4A 100W/200W
FPM201-T033-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +15V / -12V 3~30.0A/0~6A/0~4A 100W/200W
FPM201-T036-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +12V / 24V 3~30.0A/0~8A/0~4A 100W/200W
FPM201-Q040-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +12V / -12V / 5V 3~30.0A/0~8A/0~4A/0~6A 100W/200W
FPM201-Q041-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +15V / -15V / 24V 3~30.0A/0~6A/0~4A/0~4A 100W/200W
FPM201-Q042-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +12V / -12V / 12V 3~30.0A/0~8A/0~4A/0~4A 100W/200W
FPM201-Q044-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +12V / -15V / 15V 3~30.0A/0~8A/0~4A/0~4A 100W/200W
FPM201-Q045-z 90-264VAC +5.1V / +12V / -12V / 24V 3~30.0A/0~8A/0~4A/0~4A 100W/200W
FPM201-Q040-3-z 90-264VAC +3.3V / +5.1V / -12V / 12V 3~30.0A/0~8A/1~4A/0~4A 87.5W/175W
Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)


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