FMM045-S05-T - 45W AC-DC Openframe, On-board Type, Screw Terminal Style, Miniature Encapsulated Type

FMM045-S05-T is a 5V screw terminal type module with miniature size 109 x 52 x 33.5 mm. It is suitable for various kinds of handheld electronic devices. FMM045-S05-T is designed to comply with EN55032 class B. Its EMC features keep the end electronic units from electromagnetic interference. It also provides the fundamental resistance to dust and moisture. The isolated plastic case enhance the heat dissipation and meet the anti-vibration demand up to 5G. With the high efficiency up to 83.5% and the low no load power consumption below 0.25W. It fulfill worldwide regulation for low power consumption requirements for electronics.
Product Details
AC to DC open frame, Power module, Screw Terminal Type
I/P Vol.:85 ~ 305VAC
O/P Vol.:5 VDC
O/P Current:8.0A
O/P Watts (max.):45W


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