35W Peak Power AC Power Adapter - AC DC Adapter : FPA035
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high peak ac adapter

35W Peak Power AC Adapter : FPA035

FPA035 - 25 ~ 35W Laptop type ac dc adapter with high peak power


Desktop Type AC-DC High Peak Adaptor (peak voltage adapter)

Our FPA035 is 25W~35W single output high peak power AC DC adapter with output volatge from 8.2V to 56V. It have high peak surge output up to 2 times of rated power can last 2 second which is suitable for motor and printer application. Also we build in constant voltage and constant current (C.V. + C.C.) mode which can provide stable output when your motor or printer started up.
  • High peak surge output up to 2 times of rated power
  • Suitable for motor, printer, lighting device
  • Universal AC Input Range
  • Protection:OVP / OCP / OLP / Short Circuit
  • Constant voltage + constant current (C.V. + C.C. mode) design
Input Voltage 90 ~ 264 VAC
Turn on, Rise, Hold up time 4 Sec., 100mS, 10mS
Output Voltage Anywhere output 8.2~56VDC
Efficiency 82% min. @ full load
Dielectric Withstand Class I: I/P - O/P: 4242VDC; I/P-F.G.: 2121VDC; O/P-F.G.: 500 VDC
Class II: I/P - O/P: 4242VDC
Leakage Current Class I: 0.75mA max. or Class II: 0.25mA max.
Operating Temperature -10 °C ~ +40 °C
Storage Temperature -20 °C ~ 85 °C
Protections OLP,OVP, OCP, Short Circuit
Overload protection: constant current limiting, auto-recovery
Safety Standard CE
EMC Standard EN55022 class B, EN61000-3-2,3, EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11
Standard Output Connector DC Barrel Jack
Standard Output Cable/Length UL1185 / 4 Ft.
Dimension L117 x W53 x H31.5 mm

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts (max.)
FRA035-S09-x 90~264VAC 9.00 VDC 2.82A 25.4W
FRA035-S12-x 90~264VAC 10.0 VDC 2.54A 25.4W
FRA035-S12-x 12.0 VDC 2.67A 32W
FRA035-S12-x 13.6 VDC 2.35A 32W
FRA035-S15-x 90~264VAC 14.4 VDC 2.43A 35W
FRA035-S15-x 15.0 VDC 2.33A
FRA035-S15-x 16.5 VDC 2.12A
FRA035-S15-x 18.0 VDC 1.94A
FRA035-S24-x 90~264VAC 20.0 VDC 1.75A 35W
FRA035-S24-x 24.0 VDC 1.46A
FRA035-S24-x 27.0 VDC 1.30A
FRA035-S24-x 27.6 VDC 1.27A
FRA035-S36-x 90~264VAC 30.0 VDC 1.17A 35W
FRA035-S36-x 33.0 VDC 1.06A
FRA035-S36-x 36.0 VDC 0.97A
FRA035-S48-x 90~264VAC 42.0 VDC 0.83A 35W
FRA035-S48-x 48.0 VDC 0.73A


  • FPA035-S09-x : output voltage from 8.2~10VDC is available
  • FPA035-S12-x : output voltage from 10~14.5VDC is available
  • FPA035-S15-x : output voltage from 14.5~21VDC is available
  • FPA035-S24-x : output voltage from 21~29VDC is available
  • FPA035-S36-x : output voltage from 29~41VDC is available
  • FPA035-S48-x : output voltage from 41~56VDC is available
* please specific fixed output voltage when ordering *

Ordering Information:

  • Note: AC Inlet Type Code,
    x = 4 (IEC320 C14) ; x = 6 (IEC320 C6) ; x = 8 (IEC320 C8)
Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)