30W Interchangeable Adapter : FRA030E Series
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AC DC switching adapter

30W Interchangeable Type Adapter : FRA030E Series

FRA030E - 30W AC DC switching adapter in AC pin interchangeable type.


Interchangeable AC plug Wall Mount Adapter (Wall Mount Power Supply)

FRA030E Series is interchangeable power supply (interchangeable adapter) which is comply with energy efficiency level VI and ErP Tier 2 plug-in style ac adapter with no load power consumption < 0.075W. We applied latest safety approval for IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 and 60950-1 which design for mobile computer, audio, video equipment and consumer electronic application. You can select any output voltage from 11~50VDC, it can be widely use to portable electronic device. The main body can be equipped with USA/Japan、EURO、UK、Australian、China and India AC plugs. A nice choice for importing worldwide.

  • Universal Input, Wall Mount Adaptor
  • Single output 30W, anywhere output voltage from 11~50 VDC
  • Interchangeable with variety of AC plugs available (Kit sold separately)
  • Meet CEC regulation, efficiency level VI
Input Voltage 90 ~ 264 VAC
Input Current (rms) 0.7A Max.
Output Voltage 11V ~ 50V
Efficiency 87% type. at full load (Avg. Eff.) Fit requirement for CEC Models
Voltage Regulation ± 5% max.
Max. Power 30 W
Withstand Voltage I/P-O/P: 3000 VAC
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +60℃
(derated linearly from 100% load @ 40℃ to 50% load @ 60℃)
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 85°C
Operating Humidity 20% to 90% RH
Protections OVP, OLP, Short Circuit Protection
Safety Standard UL60950-1/62368-1, EN60950-1/62368-1, CE, CB
EMC Standard (EN55032, CISPR32, FCC Part 15) Class B, EN61000-3-2,3, EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11, EN55024
Standard Output Connector DC Barrel Jack
Standard Output Cable/Length UL2468 / 1.5M (1M for 12V or lower)
Size L82 x W43.5 x H35.7 mm

Model No. I/P Vol. O/P Vol. O/P Current O/P Watts (max.) DoE 6 CoC 5
FRA030E-S12-x 90~264VAC 12.0 VDC 2.50A 30W VI Tier 2
FRA030E-S15-x 90~264VAC 13.6 VDC 2.21A 30W VI Tier 2
FRA030E-S15-x 14.4 VDC 2.08A
FRA030E-S15-x 15.0 VDC 2.00A
FRA030E-S18-x 90~264VAC 16.5 VDC 1.82A 30W VI Tier 2
FRA030E-S18-x 18.0 VDC 1.67A
FRA030E-S18-x 20.0 VDC 1.50A
FRA030E-S24-x 90~264VAC 24.0 VDC 1.25A 30W VI Tier 2
FRA030E-S30-x 90~264VAC 27.0 VDC 1.11A 30W VI Tier 2
FRA030E-S30-x 27.6 VDC 1.08A
FRA030E-S30-x 30.0 VDC 1.00A
FRA030E-S36-x 90~264VAC 33.0 VDC 0.91A 30W VI Tier 2
FRA030E-S36-x 36.0 VDC 0.83A
FRA030E-S48-x 90~264VAC 48.0 VDC 0.63A 30W VI Tier 2

Notices :

  • FRA030E-S12-x : output voltage from 11~13 VDC is available
  • FRA030E-S15-x : output voltage from 13~16 VDC is available
  • FRA030E-S18-x : output voltage from 16~21 VDC is available
  • FRA030E-S24-x : output voltage from 21~27 VDC is available
  • FRA030E-S30-x : output voltage from 27~33 VDC is available
  • FRA030E-S36-x : output voltage from 33~40 VDC is available
  • FRA030E-S48-x : output voltage from 40~50 VDC is available
* please specific fixed output voltage when ordering *

Ordering Information :

  • Those items with CEC level VI compliance are also compliant to ErP step 2
  • CEC compliance model standby power @ no load < 0.075W
  • Note : Interchangeable type,
    x=IA (Australian plug) ; x=IB (British plug) ; x=IC (China plug) ; x=IU (US plug) ; x=IE (Euro plug) ; x=II (India plug)
Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)