Marketing & Competition
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Enterprise Competitiveness

Flexibility – FranMar has developed a dynamic and flexible production line over the years which make her capable to fulfill a large number of orders and has the ability to accept small order at the same time. FranMar has factories in Taiwan and China which maintains high flexibility and reduce international risks.
Reliable – FranMar maintains good partnership with material suppliers for all time, and adhere to use qualified brands and materials which comply with safety regulations. FranMar also provides customers with stable price and quality. Regular products do not raise prices year by year.
Service – 24-hour quick response service, experienced R & D team and marketing staff who can highly integrate and solve the application and demand of product.
Product – FranMar sells 1000 standard models, covering telecom, medical, industrial automation, information communication, battery charger, transportation and green energy industry power supplies. All of them comply with international safety regulations, which save time and cost on new product development and verification to all clients to seize the market opportunity.
Protection – FranMar cherishes all customers and distributors. She undertakes the responsibility of confidentiality and protection to the result of customers' hard works. FranMar also helps to eliminate possible market conflicts.
Customization – Over decades of accumulated R & D capacities and market experiences, FranMar not only provide standard power products but also can re-design, modify and provide variety of solutions to tailor-made power solutions for customers.