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FranMar Series
I.T.E Adapter (FRA012 ~ FRA180)
Medical Grade Adapter (FRM06 ~ FRM140)
Open Frame Power Supply (FRP045 ~ FRP150)
Battery Charger (FCA015 ~ FCA120)
AC Power Module (FMM01~FMM060)
High Peak Power Adapter (FPA035 & FPA065)
WallMount Type AC-DC Adapter
FRA012 : 12W Fixed & Interchangeable Type
FRA018 : 18W Fixed & Interchangeable Type
FRA024 : 24W Fixed & Interchangeable Type
FRA030E : 30W Fixed & Interchangeable Type
FRA040 : 40W Interchangeable Type
FHA012 : 12W wallmount Type Adapter
FHA018 : 18W wallmount Type Adapter
FHA024 : 24W wallmount Type Adapter
FHA036 : 36W wallmount Type Adapter
SA5x-FB / 5W single output with USB port
SA5x-FA / 5W single output
SA7x-FD / 7.5W single output with USB port
SA7x-FA / 7.5W single output
SA7D-050-1500FD / 7.5W interchangeable adapter with USB port
Desktop Type AC-DC Adapter
FRA018 : 18W
FRA024 : 24W
FRA032 : 32W
FRA030E : 30W
FRA036 & FRA045E : 36~45W
FRA042 : 42W
FRA030, FRA045, FRA050 : 30~50W
FPA035 : 35W High Peak Adapter
FPA065 : 65W High Peak Adapter
FRA060, FRA065, FRA072 : 60~72W
FRA150, FRA180 : 120W~180W
STD200 : 200W
FRA090 : 90W AC Laptop Adapter
Medical Power Supply
FRM06 : 6W Wallmount & Interchangeable Type
FRM015 : 15W Wallmount & Interchangeable & Desktop Type
FRM024 : 24W Wallmount & Interchangeable & Desktop Type
FRM030 : 30W Wallmount & Interchangeable & Desktop Type
FRM042 : 42W Single & Dual Output Desktop Type
FRM060 : 60W Single & Dual Output Desktop Type
FRM120 : 120W Single Output Desktop Type
FRM140 : 140W Single Output Desktop Type
RPS-60 : 60W Signle Output Open Frame
RPD-60 : 60W Dual Output Open Frame
RPT-60 : 60W Triple Output Open Frame
RPS-75 : 75W Signle Output Open Frame
RPD-75 : 75W Dual Output Open Frame
RPT-75 : 75W Triple Output Open Frame
PMP90 : 90W Desktop Type Adapter
PMP120 : 120W Desktop Type Adapter
PMP150 : 150W Desktop Type Adapter
PMP180 : 180W Desktop Type Adapter
PM300 : 300W U-Bracket Type
PM400 : 400W U-Bracket Type
PM650 : 650W U-Bracket Type
RPS-30 : 30W Single Output Open Frame (3"x2")
RPS-45 : 45W Single Output Open Frame (3"x2")
RPS-65 : 65W Single Output Open Frame (3"x2")
RPS-120 : 120W Single Output Open Frame (4"x2")
RPS-200 : 200W Single Output Open Frame (4"x2")
U-Bracket Switching Power Supply
FRP100, FRP120, FRP150 : 52~150W Single Output
FRP100, FRP120, FRP150 : 52~150W Dual & Triple output
USP-150, USP-225, USP-350, USP-500 : 150~500W Single Output
FMM01 : 1W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & SMD style)
FMM02 : 2W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & SMD style)
FMM03 : 3W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & SMD style)
FMM05 : 5W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & SMD style)
FMM010 : 10W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting style)
FMM015 : 15W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting style)
FMM020 : 20W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting style)
FMM030 : 30W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & screw terminal style)
FMM045 : 45W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & screw terminal style)
FMM060 : 60W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & screw terminal style)
Battery Charger
GPSU30 : 20~30W Desktop Type (cord-in & cord-out)
FCA015 : 15W Wallmount, Interchangeable & Desktop Type
FCA035 : 35W Desktop Type
FCA065 : 65W Desktop Type
PB-300 & PB-360 : 300~360W Enclosed Type
PB-600 & PB-1000 : 600~1000W Enclosed Type
ESx120 : 120W Portable Type
ESx240 : 240W Portable Type
Security Power Supply
PSC-60, PSC-100 : 60~100W Open Frame Type w/UPS function
ADx-55, ADx-155 : 55~155W Enclosed Type w/UPS function
Open Frame Power Supply
PS-25, PD-25 : 25W Single & Dual Output
PS-45 : 45W Single Output
PD-45 : 45W Dual Output
PT-45 : 45W Triple Output
PS-65 : 65W Single Output
PD-65 : 65W Dual Output
PT-65 : 65W Triple Output
PS-05 : 5W Single Output
PS-15 : 15W Single Output
FRP045, FRP065 : 45~65W Single Output
FRP100, FRP120, FRP150 : 100~150W Single Output
LPS-50 : 50W Single Output
LPS-75 : 75W Single Output
LPS-100 : 100W Single Output
LPP-100 : 100W Single Output w/PFC
LPP-150 : 150W Single Output w/PFC
PPS-200 : 200W Single Output w/PFC
PPS-125 : 125W Single Output w/PFC
PPT-125 : 125W Triple Output w/PFC
CFM10, CFM15 : 10~15W PCB Mountable Type
CFM20 : 20W PCB Mountable Type
CFM101S : 100W Single Output w/PFC
CFM201S : 200W Single Output w/PFC
PD-110, PQ-100, ASP-150, PPS-200 : 100~200W Single to Quad Output
USP-225 : 225W U-Bracket Type w/PFC
USP-350 : 355W U-Bracket Type w/PFC
USP-500 : 500W U-Bracket Type w/PFC
EPS-15 : 9.9~15W (2.5" x 1.8")
EPS-25 : 16.5~25.44W (3" x 2")
EPS-35 : 19.8~36W (3" x 2")
EPS-200 : 200.4~201.6W (4" x 2")
EPS-300 : 300W (5" x 3")
EPS-400 : 399.6~403.2W (5" x 3")
DinRail Power Supply
MDR-10 : 10W Slim Type Din Rail Power
MDR-20 : 20W Slim Type Din Rail Power
MDR-40 : 40W Slim Type Din Rail Power
MDR-60 : 60W Slim Type Din Rail Power
MDR-100 : 100W Slim Type Din Rail Power
DRP-480 : 480W Single Output
DRH-120 : 120W High Input Voltage
DRT-240 : 240W High Input Voltage
DRT-480 : 480W High Input Voltage
DRT-960 : 960W High Input Voltage
DR-RDN20 : 20A Power Supply Redundant Module
DR-UPS40 : 40A DC UPS Module
SDR-120, 240, 480 : 120W~480W Slim & High Efficiency
Enclosed Power Supply
RS-15, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, 150 : 15~150W Miniature Size with High Reliability
HRP-75, HRP-100, HRP-150, HRP-200 : 75~200W High Reliability w/PFC
HRP-300, HRP-450, HRP-600 : 300W~600W Single Output w/PFC
RSP-75, RSP-100, RSP-150, RSP-200 : 75W~200W Low Profile Size
RSP-320, RSP-500, RSP-750 : 320~750W Low Profile w/PFC
RSP-1000 : 1000W Programmable High Power
RSP-1500 : 1500W Programmable High Power
RSP-2400, RSP-3000 : 2000~3000W Programmable High Power
QP-200 : 200W Quad Output w/PFC
HRP-300, HRP-450, HRP-600 : 300~600W High Reliability w/PFC
SE-600, SE-1000, SE-1500 : 600~1500W Single Output
CFM1600H : 1600W 1U Low Profile w/PFC
LRS-35 : 35W 1U Low Profile
LRS-50 : 50W 1U Low Profile
LRS-75 : 75W 1U Low Profile
LRS-100 : 100W 1U Low Profile
LRS-150F : 150W Low Profile
LRS-200 : 200W 1U Low Profile
LRS-350 : 350W 1U Low Profile
LED Power Supply
ELN-30 & ELN-60 : 30~60W Plastic Case w/o PFC
HLG-60H : 60W Metal Case with PFC
HLG-120H : 120W Metal Case with PFC
HLG-240H : 240W Metal Case with PFC
GP-LCxxxx-08 : 3~9W LED Power
GP-LCxxxx-01 : 3~6W LED Power
GP-LCxxxx-02 : 3~9W LED Power
GP-LCxxxx-03 : 3~9W LED Power
GP-LCxxxx-04 : 16~18W LED Power
GP-LVxxxx-01 : 3~6W LED Power
GP-LVxxxx-02 : 3~10W LED Power
GP-LVxxxx-03 : 3~10W LED Power
Car Adapters (Micro USB car charger for Cigarette Lighter Adapter)
PSD25, PSD40 & PSD60 : 15~60W
DC-DC Converter Unregulated Type
D01 : 1W, SIP type
D02 : 2W, SIP type
GA01, GB01 : 1W, SMD type
GI01 : 1W, TWIN Output, SIP/DIP Type
GI02 : 2W, TWIN Output, SIP/DIP Type
DC-DC Converter Regulated Type
GBX01 : 1W, SMD Type
NSD05 : 5W, On Board Type
NSD10 : 10W, On Board Type
NSD15 : 15W, On Board Type
PKQ75 : 50~75W DIP and Open Frame Type
D05 : 5W, DIP Type
E03 : 3W, 24-pin DIP Type
E05 : 5W, 24-pin DIP Type
EA7.5 : 7.5W, 24-pin DIP Type
E03, E05, EA7.5 : 3W ~ 7.5W SMD Type
DW03 : 3W, 24-pin DIP & SMD Type
DW05 : 5W, 24-pin DIP & SMD Type
DW12 : 12W DIL Type
E10 : 10W DIP Type
D(A)10, D(A)D15 : 10W & 15W DIP Type
PSD03 : 2.5W USB Type Car Adapter
PSD-05, PSD-15A : 5W~15W Open Frame Type
E20 : 20W DIP Type
DA20 : 20W DIP Type
EN-05S, EN-12S, EN-24S : 6W~24W Non-Isolation
D30 : 30W DIP Type
E25, E30 : 25W~30W DIP Type
ER25, ER30 : 25W~30W DIP Type
EC9BW : 30W DIP Type
D40 : 40W DIP Type
DA60 : 60W DIP Type
FLD12 : 12V Input DC-DC CC Mode LED Driver
FLD24 : 24V Input DC-DC CC Mode LED Driver
FLD48 : 48V Input DC-DC CC Mode LED Driver
CHB50, CHB75 : 50~75W Five-Side Matel Case
CEB75 : 62~84W, 1/5 Brick Size
CHB75-24D, CHB75-48D : 75W Dual Output
CQB125 : 100~125W, 1/4 Brick Size
CHB100, CHB150 : 100W~150W DIP Type
SD-15 : 15W Enclosed Type
SD-25, SD-50, SD-100, SD-150 : 25~150W Enclosed Type
SD-100, SD-150, SD-200, SD-350 : 200W~350W Enclosed Type
PSD12 : 5~8W Non-isolated DC-DC Car Adapter
DN02A : 12.5~30W Non-Isolated Open Frame Design
DN04A : 20~60W Non-Isolated Non-Isolated Open Frame Design
SD-500, SD-1000 : 500~1000W Enclosed Type
DC-AC Inverters
TS-200, TS-400, TS-700 : 200W~700W True Sine Wave
TN-1500, TN-2200, TN-3000 : 1500~3000W true sine wave solar inverter
TS-1000, TS-1500, TS-2200, TS-3000 : 1000~3000W True Sine Wave
A301-150W : 150W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-300W : 300W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-600W : 600W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-1000W : 1000W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-1200W : 1200W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-1700W : 1700W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-2500W : 2500W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-4000W : 4000W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
ODM Form
ODM Requirement Form



醫療類電源供應器 - FRM 系列
醫療類電源供應器 - FRM 系列

3V~50V wide range output voltage. Comply to IEC/EN 60601-1 Edition 3.1 and IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition EMC standard.


交換式模塊 - FMM系列
交換式模塊 - FMM系列

Single output AC/DC PCB mounting、SMD and Screw Terminal type power module. Available in most common output voltages such as 5V、12V、24V.




瑞瑪企業有限公司是台灣一家專業在電源供應器研發生產製造的製造服務商. 成立於西元1997年並擁有超過21年的資訊類交換式電源, 醫療電源, 工業電源, 充電器, 直流/直流轉換器, LED電源 & 驅動器製造經驗, 瑞瑪總是可以達到客戶各種品質的要求.


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