FRA018 - AC DC energy-saving power adapter. AC pin can be changed when use in different countries.
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FRA018 - AC DC energy-saving power adapter. AC pin can be changed when use in different countries.

FRA018 - AC DC energy-saving power adapter.  AC pin can be changed when use in different countries. - . FRA018 power adapter

FRA018 power adapter

Product Type

  • Wall Adapter

We have 12~18W in 2 different versions with 5V~50V wide output voltage range for this series - wall mount and interchangeable type with international safety approvals which includes UL, cUL, TUV, PSE, CCC, RCM, CE. Our FRA018 series is comply with latest standard IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 and 60950-1 which is suitable for I.T. and audio equipment. Also it is comply with energy efficiency level VI and ErP Tier 2. No load power consumption < 0.075W with high effiency. It's flexible for new design or replace for the old product.


  • Universal Input, Wall Mount Adaptor
  • Single output 12~18W, anywhere output voltage from 5~50 VDC
  • Interchangeable with variety of AC plugs available (Kit sold separately)
  • Meet CEC regulation, efficiency level VI


Input Voltage90 ~ 264 VAC
Input Current(rms)0.7A Max.
Efficiency82% type. at full load
(Avg. Eff.) fit requirement for CEC models
Output Voltage5 ~ 50 VDC
Voltage Regulation+5% max.
Max. Power18 W
Withstand VoltageI/P-O/P : 3000 VAC
Operating Temperature-10℃ ~ +60℃
(derated linearly from 100% load @ 40℃ to 50% load @ 60℃)
Storage Temperature-20 °C ~ 85 °C
Operating Humidity20% to 90% RH
ProtectionsOVP, OLP, Short Circuit Protection
Safety StandardUL60950-1/62368-1, EN60950-1/62368-1, CE, CB
EMC Standard(EN55032, CISPR32, FCC Part 15) Class B,
EN61000-3-2,3, EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11, EN55035
Standard output connectorDC barrel jack
Standard Output Cable/LengthUL2468 / 1.5M (1M for 12V or lower)
Size L82 x W43.5 x H35.7 mm




Model No.I/P Vol.O/P Vol.O/P CurrentO/P Watts (max.)DoE 6CoC 5
FRA018-S03-x 90~264VAC3.00 VDC3.67A11W------
FRA018-S03-x 90~264VAC3.30 VDC3.33A11W------
FRA018-S03-x 90~264VAC3.40 VDC3.24A11W------
FRA018-S03-x 90~264VAC4.20 VDC2.62A11W------
FRA018-S03-x 90~264VAC4.70 VDC2.34A11W------
FRA018-S05-x 90~264VAC5.00 VDC2.40A12WVITier 2
FRA018-S05-x 90~264VAC5.40 VDC2.22A12WVITier 2
FRA018-S07-x 90~264VAC5.99VDC2.00A12WVITier 2
FRA018-S07-x 90~264VAC7.00 VDC1.86A13WVITier 1
FRA018-S07-x 90~264VAC7.50 VDC1.73A13WVITier 2
FRA018-S09-x 90~264VAC8.00 VDC2.25A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S09-x 90~264VAC9.00 VDC2.00A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S09-x 90~264VAC10.0 VDC1.80A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S12-x 90~264VAC12.0 VDC1.50A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S15-x 90~264VAC13.6 VDC1.32A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S15-x 90~264VAC14.4 VDC1.25A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S15-x 90~264VAC15.0 VDC1.20A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S18-x 90~264VAC16.5 VDC1.09A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S18-x 90~264VAC18.0 VDC1.00A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S18-x 90~264VAC20.0 VDC0.90A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S24-x 90~264VAC24.0 VDC0.75A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S30-x 90~264VAC27.0 VDC0.67A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S30-x 90~264VAC27.6 VDC0.65A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S30-x 90~264VAC30.0 VDC0.60A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S36-x 90~264VAC33.0 VDC0.55A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S36-x 90~264VAC36.0 VDC0.50A18WVITier 2
FRA018-S48-x 90~264VAC48.0 VDC0.38A18WVITier 2


  • FRA018-S03-x : output voltage from 3~5 VDC is available
  • FRA018-S05-x : output voltage from 5~6 VDC is available
  • FRA018-S07-x : output voltage from 6~8 VDC is available
  • FRA018-S09-x : output voltage from 8~11 VDC is available
  • FRA018-S12-x : output voltage from 11~13 VDC is available
  • FRA018-S15-x : output voltage from 13~16 VDC is available
  • FRA018-S18-x : output voltage from 16~21 VDC is available
  • FRA018-S24-x : output voltage from 21~27 VDC is available
  • FRA018-S30-x : output voltage from 27~33 VDC is available
  • FRA018-S36-x : output voltage from 33~40 VDC is available
  • FRA018-S48-x : output voltage from 40~50 VDC is available
  • * please specific fixed output voltage when ordering *
  • Remark

      Ordering Information :
    • Those items with CEC level VI compliance are also compliant to ErP step 2
    • CEC compliance model standby power @ no load < 0.075W
    • Note 1: Wall mount type,
      x=U (US plug) ; x=E (EU plug) ; x=A (Australian plug) ; x=C (China plug)
    • Note 2: Interchangeable type,
      x=IA (Australian plug) ; x=IB (British plug) ; x=IC (China plug) ; x=IU (US plug) ; x=IE (Euro plug) ; x=II (India plug)

    Mechanical Drawing (Unit: mm)

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    There are types of AC DC switching power supplies for desktop, wallmount, enclosed, open frame and U-Channel. Particularly for medical power supplies (4-60W outputs), they are designed for healthcare facilities and medical equipment, which is EN/IEC 60601-1-11 approved. Car adaptor and DC/DC converter modules with 1500 VDC isolation are available as well.

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