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FranMar Series
I.T.E Adapter (FRA012 ~ FRA180)
Medical Grade Adapter (FRM06 ~ FRM140)
Open Frame Power Supply (FRP045 ~ FRP150)
Battery Charger (FCA015 ~ FCA120)
AC Power Module (FMM01~FMM060)
High Peak Power Adapter (FPA035 & FPA065)
WallMount Type AC-DC Adapter
FRA012 : 12W Fixed & Interchangeable Type
FRA018 : 18W Fixed & Interchangeable Type
FRA024 : 24W Fixed & Interchangeable Type
FRA030E : 30W Fixed & Interchangeable Type
FRA040 : 40W Interchangeable Type
FHA012 : 12W wallmount Type Adapter
FHA018 : 18W wallmount Type Adapter
FHA024 : 24W wallmount Type Adapter
FHA036 : 36W wallmount Type Adapter
SA5x-FB / 5W single output with USB port
SA5x-FA / 5W single output
SA7x-FD / 7.5W single output with USB port
SA7x-FA / 7.5W single output
SA7D-050-1500FD / 7.5W interchangeable adapter with USB port
Desktop Type AC-DC Adapter
FRA018 : 18W
FRA024 : 24W
FRA032 : 32W
FRA030E : 30W
FRA036 & FRA045E : 36~45W
FRA042 : 42W
FRA030, FRA045, FRA050 : 30~50W
FPA035 : 35W High Peak Adapter
FPA065 : 65W High Peak Adapter
FRA060, FRA065, FRA072 : 60~72W
FRA150, FRA180 : 120W~180W
STD200 : 200W
FRA090 : 90W AC Laptop Adapter
Medical Power Supply
FRM06 : 6W Wallmount & Interchangeable Type
FRM015 : 15W Wallmount & Interchangeable & Desktop Type
FRM024 : 24W Wallmount & Interchangeable & Desktop Type
FRM030 : 30W Wallmount & Interchangeable & Desktop Type
FRM042 : 42W Single & Dual Output Desktop Type
FRM060 : 60W Single & Dual Output Desktop Type
FRM120 : 120W Single Output Desktop Type
FRM140 : 140W Single Output Desktop Type
RPS-60 : 60W Signle Output Open Frame
RPD-60 : 60W Dual Output Open Frame
RPT-60 : 60W Triple Output Open Frame
RPS-75 : 75W Signle Output Open Frame
RPD-75 : 75W Dual Output Open Frame
RPT-75 : 75W Triple Output Open Frame
PMP90 : 90W Desktop Type Adapter
PMP120 : 120W Desktop Type Adapter
PMP150 : 150W Desktop Type Adapter
PMP180 : 180W Desktop Type Adapter
PM300 : 300W U-Bracket Type
PM400 : 400W U-Bracket Type
PM650 : 650W U-Bracket Type
RPS-30 : 30W Single Output Open Frame (3"x2")
RPS-45 : 45W Single Output Open Frame (3"x2")
RPS-65 : 65W Single Output Open Frame (3"x2")
RPS-120 : 120W Single Output Open Frame (4"x2")
RPS-200 : 200W Single Output Open Frame (4"x2")
U-Bracket Switching Power Supply
FRP100, FRP120, FRP150 : 52~150W Single Output
FRP100, FRP120, FRP150 : 52~150W Dual & Triple output
USP-150, USP-225, USP-350, USP-500 : 150~500W Single Output
FMM01 : 1W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & SMD style)
FMM02 : 2W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & SMD style)
FMM03 : 3W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & SMD style)
FMM05 : 5W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & SMD style)
FMM010 : 10W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting style)
FMM015 : 15W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting style)
FMM020 : 20W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting style)
FMM030 : 30W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & screw terminal style)
FMM045 : 45W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & screw terminal style)
FMM060 : 60W Miniature Encapsulated Type Module (PCB mounting & screw terminal style)
Battery Charger
GPSU30 : 20~30W Desktop Type (cord-in & cord-out)
FCA015 : 15W Wallmount, Interchangeable & Desktop Type
FCA035 : 35W Desktop Type
FCA065 : 65W Desktop Type
PB-300 & PB-360 : 300~360W Enclosed Type
PB-600 & PB-1000 : 600~1000W Enclosed Type
ESx120 : 120W Portable Type
ESx240 : 240W Portable Type
Security Power Supply
PSC-60, PSC-100 : 60~100W Open Frame Type w/UPS function
ADx-55, ADx-155 : 55~155W Enclosed Type w/UPS function
Open Frame Power Supply
PS-25, PD-25 : 25W Single & Dual Output
PS-45 : 45W Single Output
PD-45 : 45W Dual Output
PT-45 : 45W Triple Output
PS-65 : 65W Single Output
PD-65 : 65W Dual Output
PT-65 : 65W Triple Output
PS-05 : 5W Single Output
PS-15 : 15W Single Output
FRP045, FRP065 : 45~65W Single Output
FRP100, FRP120, FRP150 : 100~150W Single Output
LPS-50 : 50W Single Output
LPS-75 : 75W Single Output
LPS-100 : 100W Single Output
LPP-100 : 100W Single Output w/PFC
LPP-150 : 150W Single Output w/PFC
PPS-200 : 200W Single Output w/PFC
PPS-125 : 125W Single Output w/PFC
PPT-125 : 125W Triple Output w/PFC
CFM10, CFM15 : 10~15W PCB Mountable Type
CFM20 : 20W PCB Mountable Type
CFM101S : 100W Single Output w/PFC
CFM201S : 200W Single Output w/PFC
PD-110, PQ-100, ASP-150, PPS-200 : 100~200W Single to Quad Output
USP-225 : 225W U-Bracket Type w/PFC
USP-350 : 355W U-Bracket Type w/PFC
USP-500 : 500W U-Bracket Type w/PFC
EPS-15 : 9.9~15W (2.5" x 1.8")
EPS-25 : 16.5~25.44W (3" x 2")
EPS-35 : 19.8~36W (3" x 2")
EPS-200 : 200.4~201.6W (4" x 2")
EPS-300 : 300W (5" x 3")
EPS-400 : 399.6~403.2W (5" x 3")
DinRail Power Supply
MDR-10 : 10W Slim Type Din Rail Power
MDR-20 : 20W Slim Type Din Rail Power
MDR-40 : 40W Slim Type Din Rail Power
MDR-60 : 60W Slim Type Din Rail Power
MDR-100 : 100W Slim Type Din Rail Power
DRH-120 : 120W High Input Voltage
DRT-240 : 240W High Input Voltage
DRT-480 : 480W High Input Voltage
DRT-960 : 960W High Input Voltage
DR-RDN20 : 20A Power Supply Redundant Module
DR-UPS40 : 40A DC UPS Module
SDR-120, 240, 480 : 120W~480W Slim & High Efficiency
Enclosed Power Supply
RS-15, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, 150 : 15~150W Miniature Size with High Reliability
HRP-75, HRP-100, HRP-150, HRP-200 : 75~200W High Reliability w/PFC
HRP-300, HRP-450, HRP-600 : 300W~600W Single Output w/PFC
RSP-75, RSP-100, RSP-150, RSP-200 : 75W~200W Low Profile Size
RSP-320, RSP-500, RSP-750 : 320~750W Low Profile w/PFC
RSP-1000 : 1000W Programmable High Power
RSP-1500 : 1500W Programmable High Power
RSP-2400, RSP-3000 : 2000~3000W Programmable High Power
QP-200 : 200W Quad Output w/PFC
HRP-300, HRP-450, HRP-600 : 300~600W High Reliability w/PFC
SE-600, SE-1000, SE-1500 : 600~1500W Single Output
CFM1600H : 1600W 1U Low Profile w/PFC
LRS-35 : 35W 1U Low Profile
LRS-50 : 50W 1U Low Profile
LRS-75 : 75W 1U Low Profile
LRS-100 : 100W 1U Low Profile
LRS-150F : 150W Low Profile
LRS-200 : 200W 1U Low Profile
LRS-350 : 350W 1U Low Profile
LED Power Supply
ELN-30 & ELN-60 : 30~60W Plastic Case w/o PFC
HLG-60H : 60W Metal Case with PFC
HLG-120H : 120W Metal Case with PFC
HLG-240H : 240W Metal Case with PFC
GP-LCxxxx-08 : 3~9W LED Power
GP-LCxxxx-01 : 3~6W LED Power
GP-LCxxxx-02 : 3~9W LED Power
GP-LCxxxx-03 : 3~9W LED Power
GP-LCxxxx-04 : 16~18W LED Power
GP-LVxxxx-01 : 3~6W LED Power
GP-LVxxxx-02 : 3~10W LED Power
GP-LVxxxx-03 : 3~10W LED Power
Car Adapters (Micro USB car charger for Cigarette Lighter Adapter)
PSD25, PSD40 & PSD60 : 15~60W
DC-DC Converter Unregulated Type
D01 : 1W, SIP type
D02 : 2W, SIP type
GA01, GB01 : 1W, SMD type
GI01 : 1W, TWIN Output, SIP/DIP Type
GI02 : 2W, TWIN Output, SIP/DIP Type
DC-DC Converter Regulated Type
GBX01 : 1W, SMD Type
NSD05 : 5W, On Board Type
NSD10 : 10W, On Board Type
NSD15 : 15W, On Board Type
PKQ75 : 50~75W DIP and Open Frame Type
D05 : 5W, DIP Type
E03 : 3W, 24-pin DIP Type
E05 : 5W, 24-pin DIP Type
EA7.5 : 7.5W, 24-pin DIP Type
E03, E05, EA7.5 : 3W ~ 7.5W SMD Type
DW03 : 3W, 24-pin DIP & SMD Type
DW05 : 5W, 24-pin DIP & SMD Type
DW12 : 12W DIL Type
E10 : 10W DIP Type
D(A)10, D(A)D15 : 10W & 15W DIP Type
PSD03 : 2.5W USB Type Car Adapter
PSD-05, PSD-15A : 5W~15W Open Frame Type
E20 : 20W DIP Type
DA20 : 20W DIP Type
EN-05S, EN-12S, EN-24S : 6W~24W Non-Isolation
D30 : 30W DIP Type
E25, E30 : 25W~30W DIP Type
ER25, ER30 : 25W~30W DIP Type
EC9BW : 30W DIP Type
D40 : 40W DIP Type
DA60 : 60W DIP Type
FLD12 : 12V Input DC-DC CC Mode LED Driver
FLD24 : 24V Input DC-DC CC Mode LED Driver
FLD48 : 48V Input DC-DC CC Mode LED Driver
CHB50, CHB75 : 50~75W Five-Side Matel Case
CEB75 : 62~84W, 1/5 Brick Size
CHB75-24D, CHB75-48D : 75W Dual Output
CQB125 : 100~125W, 1/4 Brick Size
CHB100, CHB150 : 100W~150W DIP Type
SD-15 : 15W Enclosed Type
SD-25, SD-50, SD-100, SD-150 : 25~150W Enclosed Type
SD-100, SD-150, SD-200, SD-350 : 200W~350W Enclosed Type
PSD12 : 5~8W Non-isolated DC-DC Car Adapter
DN02A : 12.5~30W Non-Isolated Open Frame Design
DN04A : 20~60W Non-Isolated Non-Isolated Open Frame Design
SD-500, SD-1000 : 500~1000W Enclosed Type
DC-AC Inverters
TS-200, TS-400, TS-700 : 200W~700W True Sine Wave
TN-1500, TN-2200, TN-3000 : 1500~3000W true sine wave solar inverter
TS-1000, TS-1500, TS-2200, TS-3000 : 1000~3000W True Sine Wave
A301-150W : 150W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-300W : 300W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-600W : 600W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-1000W : 1000W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-1200W : 1200W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-1700W : 1700W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-2500W : 2500W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
A301-4000W : 4000W DC/AC Modified Sine Wave
ODM Form
ODM Requirement Form



FRM series - Medical Type Adaptor
FRM series - Medical Type Adaptor

3V~50V wide range output voltage. Comply to IEC/EN 60601-1 Edition 3.1 and IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition EMC standard.

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FMM series - AC/DC Power Module
FMM series - AC/DC Power Module

Single output AC/DC PCB mounting、SMD and Screw Terminal type power module. Available in most common output voltages such as 5V、12V、24V.

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