Wall Mount & Desktop Type
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Wall Mount & Desktop Type

15W~65W wall and laptop type battery charger. Suitable for li-ion、NiMH and lead acid battery charging. Two color LED indicator for charging status.

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15W Wall-mounted/Desktop Battery Charger : FCA015 Series

FCA015 - 15W Li-ion / NiMH / Lead-Acid battery charger, wallmount and desktop type
FAC015 is a 10~15W charger. It is available in three different versions - desktop、wall-mount and interchangeable type. Design for Lithium Ion / Li-Polymer / Nickel-metal-hydride battery with backfeed and CC mode protections.

35W Desktop Battery Charger : FCA035 Series

FCA035 - 35W Li-ion / NiMH / Lead-Acid standard battery charger
FCA035 is a 21~35W green charger with no load power consumption < 1W. Suitable for charging Li-ion / NiMH / Lead-Acid battery. CV + CC mode and backfeed protection design. C14、C6 and C8 AC inlets are available.

65W Desktop Battery Charger : FCA065 Series

FCA065 - 65W Li-ion / NiMH / Lead-Acid laptop battery charger
A 65W Li-ion / NiMH / Lead-Acid battery charger with no load power consumption < 1W. CV + CC mode design. 2 color LED indicator for charging status. Supply 10VDC to 56VDC wide output voltage.



FRM series - Medical Type Adaptor
FRM series - Medical Type Adaptor

3V~50V wide range output voltage. Comply to IEC/EN 60601-1 Edition 3.1 and IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition EMC standard.

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FMM series - AC/DC Power Module
FMM series - AC/DC Power Module

Single output AC/DC PCB mounting、SMD and Screw Terminal type power module. Available in most common output voltages such as 5V、12V、24V.

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Wall Mount & Desktop Type | Power Module Supply - FranMar

Located in Taiwan, FranMar International Inc. has been one of the prime Wall Mount & Desktop Type | power supply manufacturers since 1997.

There are types of AC DC switching power supplies for desktop, wallmount, enclosed, open frame and U-Channel. Particularly for medical power supplies (4-60W outputs), they are designed for healthcare facilities and medical equipment, which is EN/IEC 60601-1-11 approved. Car adaptor and DC/DC converter modules with 1500 VDC isolation are available as well.

FranMar has been offering customers safe, high performance, certified AC/DC power modules and switching power supply with reasonable price. Both with advanced technology and 21 years of experience, FranMar ensures each customer's needs are met.

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